Embracing Change

The history of these United States is best described as one of radical change, and those most successful in such an environment are often lauded for their courage.

The recent Supreme Court decision that cemented the right of same sex couples to marriage is another in a long line of giant steps toward a more perfect union. It was exhilarating to witness the explosion of joy as same sex couples and their loved ones celebrated an event so long overdue.

Many of our countrymen who cling to “sincerely held religious beliefs” were not so enthused by the court’s decision. But we urge them to embrace the new paradigm, which is, after all, a mere extension of liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we all cling to.

There is a lot of division in our country. From police killings of unarmed citizens to the reaction against displaying of the Confederate flag in public spaces following the shocking murder of nine worshipers at a Charleston, South Carolina African Methodist Episcopal church, Americans seems as divided over race, social morals, and the expansion of liberty than ever before.

But perhaps “seems” is the key word there. On mass and social media alike, our nation seems intractably divided over core issues regarding the next American century. The consensus, however, is overwhelmingly in favor of progress toward freedom on each of the challenges at hand.

We believe in the future of America. Here on the cusp of the 239th celebration of our independence we encourage you to celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness along with your fellow citizens no matter what individual differences may appear to divide you one from another.

America, and by extension its citizens, are strongest when we stand together and fight to protect even the least among us.

Make that your mantra as you celebrate this July 4th, knowing that the brave embrace change and find ways to prosper. !

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