Gun crazy

The death of Patrick Simmons in a parking lot at the end of Lewis Street in Downtown Greensboro is a senseless tragedy that should serve as a wake up call and lead to action on tougher gun control in America.

Sadly, we all know that won’t happen.

Our deepest condolences go out to Patrick’s friends and family, several of which live and attend university here in the Triad. We tried to reach out to them to paint a picture of who Patrick was, but our efforts didn’t pan out. By looking at the condolences his loved ones expressed on social media in the wake of his death at the hand of a gunman early Sunday morning as crowds filtered out of Lotus Lounge, it seems that he was a positive young man working to build a bright future.

It’s a senseless loss that we all should mourn.

We often talk about the intersection of mental illness and easy access to guns in America. Just this week, a Raleigh man fresh out of prison was able to within five days of his release score a gun, commit two robberies, kill one man, and rape a 15-year-old girl.

What kind of country is this? Do we value life or not? Is unfettered access to firearms more important than having an orderly society?

The questions remain unanswered for too long.

We can’t keep reacting to gun violence and cowering before groups of armed men who threaten to browbeat anybody who dares to question the logic of a society that can’t keep dangerous criminals from having easy access to guns that kill innocent people.

In Greensboro, we need to continue to talk about the intersection of gun culture and liquored up crowds leaving downtown clubs.

It looks as if Lotus Lounge is finished on Lewis Street, but not before cultural confluences twice brought death to a downtown street. !

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