What’s Next?

We’d like to encourage those elected to the Greensboro city council that find themselves running unopposed to go ahead and use this period of afterglow to really tackle the issues challenging our community.

City council members Tony Wilkins and Nancy Hoffman find themselves in the enviable position of not having an opponent in this year’s municipal election. Mayor Nancy Vaughan faces no credible challenge in her reelection effort.

So why not go ahead, all three of you, and find a way to make progress on the issues of poverty, gun violence and struggling economic development?

We suggest you stop arguing about partisan political issues and really get down into the weeds. Show some leadership that puts energy toward solutions. Define policy that enhances Greensboro’s ability to bring jobs to town and create economic prosperity for a wide range of citizens.

We know you don’t have an endless supply of money, but why not get together and take action on Council member Mike Barber’s suggestion to cut vacant positions and reduce the city budget?

We know that the scourge of gun violence in America is not an issue that you created. The three of you could, however, use this period of political inactivity to speak out against gun violence or advocate for saner gun control policy in this country.

Find a way to build bridges across the community, the kind of bridges that put real energy behind community initiatives such as the Renaissance Community Co-Op and Participatory Budgeting, or working to stabilize the financial position of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.

The Folk Festival is in town this weekend and lots of eyes will be on Greensboro.

After the crowds leave and the trumpets fade, come out strong this fall and transform this city so that its people can realize their full potential.!

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