Officer Trendy

There have been a number of alarming assaults and armed robberies in key areas of Greensboro recently so we applaud police Chief Wayne Scott for rolling out a new plan to target specific spikes in crime.

Crime anywhere in our city is unacceptable and citizens across Greensboro deserve a robust police response.

But several incidents have caught our attention, not the least of which was when a popular downtown bar tender was assaulted for no apparent reason leaving a College Hill bar over the summer.

Several other instances of violent assault and armed robberies in the UNCG area have been reported since then, with two reports of armed men robbing pedestrians just last week.

This city is very spread out, and as more police resources and attention are devoted to curbing problems in the downtown entertainment district, less patrol resources are available across the city.

Part of the GPD’s Neighborhood Oriented Policing plan will result in 24 officers moving back to patrol duties, a much needed addition that should benefit residents and business owners alike.

But Chief Scott said in a recent published report that GPD is going one additional step by creating a Street Crimes Unit that will monitor spikes in crime, and crime data provided by criminal intelligence officers, to quickly respond to problem areas.

It’s an innovative approach, one that seeks to bring together beefedup patrols and data analysis to solve problems in real time.

Police across America have gotten bad publicity in recent years, most of it rightly deserved. But the fact remains that policing in America is a dangerous and critical public service.

As trends and public whims come and go, the need to apprehend criminals and prevent crimes is consistent.

GPD is smart to tackle a spike in violent crimes with innovative ap- proaches. !

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