All We Are Saying

Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein will visit North Carolina this weekend, with a scheduled campaign stop in Greensboro on Monday night.

Stein, who we profiled in an extended interview in this week’s issue, is a physician by trade and became politically active in the late 1990s when she began to realize the connection between children’s health and the quality of their immediate environments. She ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and was the Green Party’s candidate for president in 2012.

Stein brings energy, intelligence and grace to the national political debate, that is when she is allowed to participate by the corporate media. It’s one of the justifications for publishing a nearly 4000-word interview with her in this week’s issue.

There are critical choices facing the voting public, a list too long to enumerate here, but suffice it to say that the list includes the economy, the environment, and building a more just and sustainable future for Americans.

It’s not all pie in the sky rhetoric either.

Green politics have evolved to embrace realistic economic policies as outlined by Stein in her description of the Green New Deal.

We think it’s time for progressives to leave the Democratic Party and embrace their true home in one of this country’s more radical leftist movements. Clearly the two major parties have no answers for the ills facing our society. The toggle switch flips back and forth following successive elections of Republicans and Democrats, yet the crisis facing our nation in any number of policy sectors go unresolved.

If you care about ending our interventionist foreign policy, then the Green Party is for you. If you care about seriously plotting out a path that ends our dependence on fossil fuels for transportation then the Green Party is for you.

If you care about building a future and not just winning the next election in order to control the spoils of government, then the Green Party is for you.

All we are saying is give the Green Party a chance. !

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