Words have meaning

There’s this famous quote from Mr. Rodgers that pops up on Facebook each time a violent tragedy happens. “Look to the helpers,” is the essence of the quote.

This past Friday was a Black Friday indeed. One of the worst in the history of our nation in the 21st century. The day brought out the bottom of the barrel in American culture.

It was bad enough that countless numbers of our countrymen fought and scrapped and made utter fools of themselves while fighting over consumer goods in big-box stores, scenes captured on video and shared on the national news and international social media streams.

But then, just as many of us began to contemplate leftovers versus takeout, reports began to spread of an active shooter situation at a Planned Parenthood office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Before the day was over, a police officer, a mother and an American military veteran lay dead. The terrorist muttered something about “no more baby parts” to police when the standoff ended hours later.

It was a disgusting end to a disgusting week, one that began in the midst of a fete of anti-refugee rhetoric by rightwing politicians, including several local elected Republicans in Guilford County. The government couldn’t tell one refugee fleeing violence from a terrorist hell bent on murder, according to state Rep. John Blust, so refugees should be prevented from coming to North Carolina.

By Monday it emerged that the terrorist in the Colorado shooting was actually a white male from North Carolina named Dear, of all things, and those who began the week spouting xenophobic hysteria couldn’t be found.

We’re looking to you, Rep. Blust, Governor McCrory, and the rest of the North Carolina Republican crusaders to protect our families from white religious zealots that have unfettered access to weapons of death.

Action is surely to follow, right John? !

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