Trump Card

Perhaps the only thing that has made up for the near constant stream of foulness coming from the national news lately has been the countless acts of openness and acceptance committed by those who aren’t in the spotlight.

Yes, some gun-crazed people caught up in the frenzy of religious passion have committed acts of terror twice in recent weeks: once in Colorado at a Planned Parenthood and again last week in San Bernardino, California. The news, and I’m sure your social media stream, have likely been full of passion-crazed declarations such as the one Donald Trump made this week when he pronounced that Muslims should be banned from America.

We wrote in this space last week that Trump is a danger to American democracy, and we stand by that. But it was equally inspiring to see protestors stand up to his brand of fascism at an event in Raleigh this past week.

As folks have engaged in the heated debates over gun rights, immigration and terrorism on American soil, it’s been refreshing to see signs of human kindness as we approach the holiday season.

One person spoke up about his oncologist, a Muslim American, who played a major role in his cancer recovery. Another spoke up about how welcoming he and his non-profit will be to newcomers to our area in the face of the anti-Islamic sentiment running wild in the minds of millions of Americans right at this moment. The ever popular Humans of New York website featured a woman from Syria, a refugee, talking about her fears of moving to a place she’s never heard of called North Carolina. The response from our Tar Heel neighbors was overwhelmingly supportive.

The takeaway is that we should step away from the frenzy from time to time in order to reconnect with the human spirit of kindness and compassion. !

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