by Britt Chester | @awfullybrittish

“Every comic book person has their top five,” said Chris Gordon, co-owner of The Comic Dimension, Greensboro’s newest gaming and comic book store. “I’m just a huge Superman fan.” His reasoning behind this, he said, is for the same reasons that some people don’t like the Man of Steel: He’s inherently good and he never breaks. Gordon rhetorically asked “What, you don’t like someone because they are good?” Sadly, a lot of people prefer the villains, but to each their own.

Gordon stands firm on Superman, though, and given his experiences leading up to opening The Comic Dimension with longtime friend and business partner Neil Hoover, it makes sense why a morally unbreakable character would stand out for the 40-year old.

In high school, Gordon remembers sneaking into the library to meet up with his buddies to play Dungeons & Dragons.

“I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since D&D 1, and when advanced D&D came out, we were like ‘On my goodness! A whole book!'” he said.

Gordon served three years in the Army as a forward observer, or what civilians might refer to as a “recon ranger.” He got out of the Army in 1999 and started his college career focused on pastoral ministries at the oldest undergraduate theological institution in North Carolina, John Wesley College in High Point. He graduated from there in 2002 and worked for a few years in ministry, and also worked as a service technician.

As a father of two boys, Anderson and Jude, Gordon shares his passion for comics with his wife, Katherine, a vehement fan of zombies and horror. The family resides in Asheboro.

For Gordon, The Comic Dimension is a dream coming to fruition. Slated to celebrate its grand opening on May 2, Gordon said that they are currently in the stages of a soft opening, as of last weekend, and are already starting to plan events. This Friday, Gordon will host a gaming event, open to all ages, celebrating tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and even board games like Settlers of Catan.

Having been a fan of comics and the surrounding culture for more than 30 years, Gordon believes very strongly in literacy. Since he was old enough to read, he said that he has been infatuated with comics, which in turn led to a passion for gaming. He’s worked with the developers of the popular desktop game HeroClix by writing about it, and even working to enhance the rules surrounding the game.

At The Comic Dimension, you’ll find out all of this. Gordon has no problem revealing and sharing his enthusiasm with everyone that walks through the door, going so far as to even influence some of the younger generations to share their passion with him. During the course of our interview, a young man named Luke Lynch came in to deliver a hand drawn comic figure “” Lynch came in last weekend to purchase some comics with his mom and wanted to deliver the drawing to him directly.

This is all part of what Gordon is trying to do with the comic and gaming community: Provide a place to bring everyone together to bask in their mutual interests.

Inside the store, Gordon has built several different areas that will help achieve this. In the back, he’s made room for several couches and large, black swivel chairs where people can come in and just read.

“Why have none of the stores ever had a place where you can sit and get comfortable? Libraries do, well, at least the smart libraries do,” he said. There is also a flat screen television on the wall with cable for anyone interested in watching SyFy in hi-def.

On the opposite side of the room is where the gaming tables will be installed. He said that four 15-foot long custom tables will make room for more than 40 people (per the chair count) to participate in the game of their choice. Each table will feature selected icons from DC and Marvel culture, as well as various prints of characters from Magic: The Gathering and other desktop games.

“Some of my favorite memories were sitting down with the family for hours and playing board games,” Gordon said. “And comics books aren’t just for kids anymore. The kids who were reading comics grew up.” !


The Comic Dimension is located at 2823 Spring Garden Street, Suite E, Greensboro, North Carolina. Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday open from 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. Call 336-763-9322 for more information on events.