• Party credit: References the net flow of funds between the lawmaker and other Republican candidates or caucus bank accounts in the 2012 election cycle. A positive number indicates the lawmaker has raised money to support other candidates; a negative figure reflects that the lawmaker depended on fellow caucus members to finance their campaign.

• Seniority: Reflects the number of terms served by the lawmaker, including the current one that began on Jan. 30 • CPI: Developed by the conservative John W. Pope Civitas Institute, the “Civitas Partisan Index” gauges the political leanings of voters in the district compared to the state as a whole, determining all other things being equal the likelihood of voters electing a Republican versus a Democratic state legislator. The higher the number, the greater the electoral advantage for a candidate of whatever party.

• ALEC: Refers to American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative organization composed of state lawmakers, businesses and foundations that produces model legislation.