by Ryan Snyder

byRyan Snyder

First, the bummer news: founding Television guitarist Richard Lloyd’s deteriorating health waylaid his tour plans, including his upcoming date at Krankies. Seeing the guy who wrote to solo to Marquee Moon’s “Guiding Light” would have been great in and of itself, but the fact that Danny Tamberelli would have been backing him would have made it a totally surreal experience. Who? The younger “Pete” from The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Get well soon, Richard.

The good news is, Tricky still love the kids, so get you a glass, mix the Coke and the Hen’, and celebrate America with Trick Daddy’s Fourth of July cookout at Ziggy’s. For the kids that don’t love Tricky, Fun Fourth Festival has four stages all day in downtown Greensboro, one of which hosts former Wayne “The Train” Hancock guitarist Izzy Zaidman, while Diali Cissohko & Kairaba close it out.

The Garage hosts the Heavy Rebel Weekender pre-party on Thursday with the legend himself, King Sickabilly & his Full Moon Boys. The Green Bean hosts Chapel Hill country rockers Wylie Hunter & the Cazadores with the Royal Tinfoil and Jeff Crawford, while the Blind Tiger has a prog/funk stew with Former Champions, Ultraviolet Hippo and Bubonik Funk.

The trend of musicians naming their band after a person who’s not actually a member of the band has to end, if only for the sake of smooth grammar. That said, Zack Mexico “bring” surfgaze from Kill Devil Hills to the Blind Tiger on Friday with the Taylor Bays two-fer of Mutant League and the Laser Rays, while Iowa dream-pop outfit the Golden Hearts play the Green Bean with folk-noir group Laurelin Kruse. It’s Beasts of the Boro at Green Street Club with the Iconoclast Crew, ILLPO, EtheMadAssassin and company. At the Garage, Corduroy Road host their album release with the Packway Hand.

It’s hard to say too many good things about Moon Taxi; they’re fundamentally a jam band, but are victim to none of the clichés. They’re lots of fun, play a wicked cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” and are at the Garage on Saturday. Big Something give the jam-friendly alternative on the other side of the Triad with the Heritage and Imperial Blend at the Blind Tiger. Come Hell or High Water play circus-y country with the Argonauts and Natural Science at the Green Bean, while Mutant League finish their weekend at Black Lodge with Economy and Cusses. Skip to Tuesday, and there’s metal by Super Bob at the Blind Tiger, and trip-hop by Quirious with Think Paint at the Garage.