by Ryan Snyder

by Ryan Snyder

Wednesday night, Journey, Pat Benatar and Loverboy pack more junk than Greg Rolie on the back cover of Evolution at the Greensboro Coliseum. Winners of the acclaimed Sphinx Competition form the Harlem Quartet, and they’ll perform at the UNCG School of Music. The Blind Tiger has fusion and blues by the Meldavians and House of Dues. There’s a little bit of hollerin’ and bangin’ on stringed instruments at Glenwood Coffee & Books by Matty Sheets, Jeremy Waun, Bowls of Dust and Justin Krolcyzk. Also, former winners (losers?) of the Onion A/V Club’s “Worst Band Name” competition Food Will Win the War bring refined, sylvan country folk to CFBG.

Look what the cat dragged in, I guess?

Poison front man/reality-show schlub Brett Michaels is at Ziggy’s on Thursday. Asheville’s Do It to Julia probably saved themselves from the A/V Club’s wrath when they started calling themselves River Whyless, and they’ll be at the Green Bean with Remy St. Claire.

Money’s low but you dare not scrounge for Bubba Sparxxx at Bucked Up Saloon on Friday. There’s a double shot of funk with Tiny Boxes at High Rock Outfitters and Consider the Source with ATV and the Heritage at the Blind Tiger. Rangy pop punks There for Tomorrow play Greene Street Club, but support acts Deaf Havana and Set It Off might be a little more satisfying. For the unplugged, Asheville folk-pop exports Old North State and Black Balsam Trio visit the Green Bean.

The health of Greensboro expat bluesman Tim Betts is progressing, and his friends come out for a daylong jam at the Blind Tiger on Saturday. Jam gurus Perpetual Groove hook up with the overly smooth Tauk at Ziggy’s. It’s a $10 cover to hear Andy Squint’s blues at Beardtoberfest 2012 at Sessions, but as always, the mustache rides are free. There’s exotic folk at the Garage by Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands with Channing and Quinn, while the Green Bean goes heavy on the syncopation with Ponchos (from Peru) and the Drawlstrings.

There’s heavy music and heavy hearts at Ziggy’s as six bands pay tribute to the memory of former Ziggy’s bar hand Lauren Barbee. One-man ambient orchestra My Empty Phantom comes to the Green Bean from Austin, while quirky folk quartet Bombadil come to the Blind Tiger.

There’ll be no Lord Alfred Hayes, but the Blind Tiger brings back Tuesday Night Titans with a show by surfadors Los Straitjackets.