by Ryan Snyder

There’s more on Bit Brigade in the Forecast, but check the radical supporting cast for their Wednesday night show at the Blind Tiger. The Bronzed Chorus leaves the “post” out of post-rock with their sparse, but resolute missives that pulsate with dance floor urgency and headphone clarity alike. They’re nestled between the ascendant prog-jazz of Trioscapes and the epic serenity of Lower Cases & Capitals and bombastic math-rockers the Hi-Rollers. To keep it a little more simple, the Heritage bring funky roots rock to Ten O One. On Thursday, the Blind Tiger hosts picking dervish the Deluge and Burlington blues rock outfit the Ends.

Don’t make any assumptions about Mrs. Kennedy & the Noize based on name alone; the Winston-Salem indie folk quartet is as hushed and attentive as they come. They’ll be joined at the Garage on Friday night by Absalomic ensemble the Roadkill Ghost Choir and songwriter Tyler Nail. Hip-hop collective the Black Lotus Society assembles at the Flatiron. Red White & Crüe, Appetite for Destruction and Poison’d cock out with their rock out at the Blind Tiger. For the orthographically challenged, Ziggy’s has Thru World Aggression and Ignorance Thru Apathy.

Brewski’s has all the Grant Green and Lou Donaldson samples you can handle with Gate City Get Down’s a Tribe Called Quest Edition on Saturday. Heartland rockers the Lonely H play the Blind Tiger with bootstomping country by the Radials and Sourwood Sweet. The TD Dubois Band had heady acoustic rock with the NORM in the Ziggy’s big room, while Petey & the Mushrooms spin loving classic rock covers in the tavern.

On Sunday, Virginia Beach emo stalwarts the Eleventh Hour visit Glenwood Coffee & Books with help from DC pop-rock trio the Baby Grand, and on Tuesday, Long Island alt-rock four-piece Blameshift channel Paramore without the crushing despair, and they visit the Blind Tiger with Apparitions and the Monsters I’ve Met.