by Ryan Snyder

Murfreesboro retro-funk/glo-fi duo Cherub are sexy, kitschy and extremely danceable in their reimagining of Prince’s Minneapolis sound (see: the video for “Doses & Mimosas”), and they’ll bring the party to the Blind Tiger this Wednesday night with support from Brennan Fowler of Imperial Blend’s chillout project No Deals. Alex Vans & the Hide Away put an EDM spin on powerpop at the Garage with Stop Motion and Adrian Krygowski, while Brewski’s hosts psalmist songwriter Justin the BeLoved with neo-soul outfit Dalton Village and Rome D’Carlo.

Ska will provide Thursday at the Flatiron, as the Version City Tour brings King Django and the Snails to town with support from locals Corporate Fandango and Regatta 69. Check out YES! Weekly designer Justin Jackson wailing on guitar for Lower Cases and Capitals with Wilmington shoegazers Virgin Lung at the Green Bean, while Nashville hopefuls DC and Julia visit the Garage.

Equal parts Cat Power, Johnette Napolitano and Alma Moodie, Emilie Autumn is a volcano waiting to erupt at Greene Street Club on Friday. All the talent, none of the drama, Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands are joined by the Old Ceremony at the Blind Tiger. Vel Indica is back from a lull with its debut CD, to be released at the Garage, while Mrs. Kennedy & the Noize continue to carve out a subdued folk-y niche at the Green Bean. New Winston-Salem darkwave outfit Spirit System make their Krankies debut with the Argentine and Plankton Feast, while Taylor Bays & the Laser Rays turn the cheek way up at the Clubhouse with garage-soul eight-piece Brandon Wise & the Scorchin’ Sons. Check me out on J. Neas’ “Indie Rock Mayhem” on WQFS later this month, but check out Neas himself at the Flatiron’s songwriter night with Dillon Hodges, Suzanne Stafford and Josh Watson, and likewise with Tyler Nail at Turntable.

Bieber rides his Lambo all the way to a sold-out Greensboro Coliseum show on Saturday. From the “Big In Europe” files, Chapel Hill folk singer Tokyo Rosenthal rides his pack mule into the Green Bean. Earlier in the day, Daniel Justin Smith will record a live album at High Rock Outfitters, while honeyed Americana crooner Amy Speace plays the Hanesbrands Theatre with the ghost of Jeffrey Dean Foster.

Sunday’s lonely offering comes at Glenwood Coffee & Books, with sets by the totally awesome Totally Slow, Birmingham rock family To Light A Fire and the Radio Reds on the road to their debut full-length.