by Ryan Snyder

This Wednesday, Vernal Equinox is more than just the debut album from underrated trumpeter Jon Hassell. Maybe someone somewhere will play a little “Houses in Motion” to mark the occasion. There’ll be none of that at the Blind Tiger though, but the Squidling Brothers’ Sideshow will have some real F-ed up S on a Jim Rose level. For the faint of heart, gaze upon the calming visage of Susan Boyoung Bailey at the Garage with Be the Moon and the Spencers.

Last call to get down with Sinkane while the ink on his DFA Records contract is still wet, because the barriers to entry will surely rise. He’s at the Blind Tiger on Thursday with Casual Curious and Oulipo. On the other hand, it’s hard to get excited over the Summer Set’s years of middling output, and they’re at Greene Street Club. Next up in Wake Forest’s Seacrest Series, Strata achieve the bifecta of being both virtuosic and completely unpredictable, and they’re not even the best show at Wake this week.

It’s a regular Hollerpalooza™ at the Flatiron on Friday with John Howie, Jr. & the Rosewood Bluff, joined by the great Michael Rank and Emily Stewart & the Baby Teeth. Anyone looking for Sugarman (not that one) can find him at the Garage, the pop-soul singing Sugarman at least, with the sweet sounds of the Honeycutters. There still exists new and tolerable indie-punk with a pop bent, and Bear with Me make it. They’re at the Blind Tiger with Tribe Atomic and Neither Seen or Heard. Naked Gods do rock fierce, and they’re at Krankies with Honey Rider and Kovacs & the Polar Bear, while proggy local newcomers Black Squares/ White Islands make their Green Bean debut.

The Vagabond Saints’ Society does Joe Jackson at the Garage on Saturday, and it will get a little bluesy at the Green Bean with Matt Walsh, Micca Barron and Nate Goldsmith at the Green Bean. Funk fusion unit Groove 8 drops the needle at Turntable, while the Flatiron has a rootsrock triple-header with Twin City Buskers, Erisa Rei and Grand Ol’ Uproar.

On Sunday, there will be a full day of music at the Blind Tiger to benefit former Magazyne and Children of Karma guitarist George Wagner. Like Karmin, Watsky is making a career on finding ways around saying the N-word. He’s at Greene Street Club. Between the World Inferno Friendship Society and Stolen Babies, it might get a little too real at the Blind Tiger for a Monday.