by Ryan Snyder

Old North State mine twang from Appalachia and a little from the islands in pursuit of an Avett-y folk-pop pedigree, which they’ll test at the Blind Tiger on Wednesday with the Genuine, Love & Valor, and Blakeley Leonard & the Clay Monsters. Every week is Phuzz Phest at Krankies, and slo-fi folk four-piece Cakes Ov Light build on their well received set two weeks ago with Joseph Mulhollen and Fayetteville country punks Real Live Tigers.

Cruz Contreras was once the “CC” in Robinella & the CC String Band, but now he’s the frontman for Nashville country band the Black Lillies. On Thursday, he’ll pair up with Yarn’s Blake Christiana for the next installment in High Rock Outfitter’s Songcraft Live series, while the Wilhelm Brothers turn back the folk rock dial a few decades at Turntable.

The Garage has another Phuzz Phest standout in synthpunks Wilde Blood, along with the yang to their yin in Spirit System. There’s a new festival in town (for the night), however, as Hopscotch’s new Road Show series hits Krankies with demon rockers Burglar F*cker leading a bill that includes the Snails, apocryphal digi-punks the Art Department and Dark Prophet Tongueless Monk At the Underground Theatre, Martin Buchanan, Byron Hill, Jeffrey Dean Foster, Khiana Meyer, the Cloers and Lee & Susan Terry go in-theround, while songwriters Tyler Nail with Eric Bettencourt post up at the Green Bean, and Bucked Up Saloon has the fantasy-art and Southern-rock crossover market cornered with Molly Hatchet.

All your ex’s live at Ziggy’s on Saturday night, as Motorist, Must Be the Holy Ghost, Tusker and Unholy Tongues are outcroppings of a bygone metal scene. Wafer Thin and Karon Click & the Hot Licks are seen together more often than Lil Wayne and Birdman, and they’re pairing up yet again at the Garage. Virginia quartet If Birds Could Fly offer catachresic roots at Turntable, while Philly hip-hop band Swift Technique visit New York Pizza.

On Sunday, the Flatiron presents Return of the Son of Phuzz Phest, starring Estrangers and the very excellent stargazers Eros and the Eschaton, with support from Onward Soldiers and Real Live Tigers. The newest trend in band names: aquatic digraphs in all caps. First, there was DIIV, now there’s SWIMM (formerly Le Blorr), who join Bosnian Pyramids at the Garage. Any takers on ROWW?

Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands joint tour with Baton Rouge croonwave trio England in 1819 hits the Flation on Monday, and on Tuesday, cross your fingers and hope Karl Denson joins Slightly Stoopid for their Ziggy’s show.