by Ryan Snyder

To paraphrase Luke Cafferty, I like country/ And I like rap/ Put ‘em together/ It sounds like crap…the “Friday Night Lights” well of wisdom is a deep one indeed, and thus the book has already been written on Jessta James, who plays Ziggy’s on Wednesday.

There’s an It Gets Better campaign for country fans though, and it starts with mountain mama Shannon Whitworth at the Garage on Thursday. The Flatiron holds a free jam for pickers courtesy of the Piedmont Old Time Society, and Hayden Cooke and Lee Armstrong graduate from Turntable’s open mic to billed players.

Kenny Roby’s Memories and Birds is among 2013’s best releases thus far, and the itinerant folky shows up the Green Bean on Friday with Holy Ghost Tent Revival’s Stephen Murray. Night one of the Orgy Music Fest goes down at New York Pizza with Ameriglow, the Leeves, 3BR, Black Santa, Totally Slow, Brandon Wise & the Scorchin’ Sons and Ware Ware. It’ll be like Caligula without the Penthouse models. Cheeseland blues rocker Paul Thorn returns to Ziggy’s with ex-V-Roy leader Scott Miller. House of Fools guitarists past and present branch out on their own with the Joel Henry Band at the Flatiron with Jonny Alright, and David McLaughlin at Turntable with Joel Hodnett. The Family who jams together stays together, and the phriendly five-piece will release their debut record at the Blind Tiger, while the Nectar Unit and Outside Soul play the five-way funk at the Clubhouse.

Night two of the Orgy at the Blind Tiger will be like that episode of “Party Down” with Thomas Lennon, also without the Penthouse models, but a lineup with Eros & the Eschaton, Banana Lazuli, White Rifles, Taylor Bays & the Laser Rays, Geeks and Azwholes, Irata and Corporate Fandango will be almost as good.

Greensboro-via-B-more rapper Savoy turned up on a Masta Killa mixtape not long ago, and now he’ll turn up at Greene Street Club with the One Keon, Fatz, Drastiq and Seth Simmons. Dark Water Rising plays a lot of covers, but their fusion of Lumbee traditional, rock and country in the originals is worth the price of admission. They’re at the Garage with Rocky Soul and the Floorboards, while Mike Bennett is a tad early with his Summertime Jam featuring Big Ron Hunter and Below the Line.