by Ryan Snyder

Ben Liebsch, the voice behind popsoul outfit You, Me and Everyone We Know, is one talented songwriter, and his latest EP I Wish More People Gave a Sh*t is a rock-solid testimonial. Its title is also an ironic indictment of his own self-destructive inability to keep a band together. Regardless, it’s a formula for an interesting performance at Greene Street on Wednesday with pro-forma punk by Squid the Whale, the Orphan the Poet, And By Love, Light the Atlantic and 1944. Dana and Susan Robinson know something about staying together, and the husband-and-wife old-time duo will play at Tunes at Noon earlier in the day.

There’s more marital bliss on Thursday at the Garage with the Daniel Levi Goans Folk Duo, and they’ll have Wurlitzer Prize and Portland’s Drunken Prayer in support, while earthy NYC songwriter Scott Barkan visits Turntable.

Greensboro duo Eros & the Eschaton offer fetishized acid pop at Krankies on Friday with Must Be the Holy Ghost, Willower and the Revolutionary Sweethearts, while their dark antithesis Spirit System join Echo Crush and White Rifles at the Garage. Savannah progressive dub outfit Passafire visit Greene Street Club with support from My Brother Skyler and Brandon Wise & the Scorchin’ Sons. Willie Nelson gave songwriter Kacey Musgraves his stamp of approval when he recruited her to open for him last year, and the “Nashville” contributor will visit Ziggy’s with Lucie Silvas. It’s not so easy to pin down the Brazilian psych-heavy sound of Adron, who will visit the Green Bean with Elise Ikoku at the Green Bean. Forecast Music offer contemporary classical at the Underground Theatre, while Alligator Records rock and soul guitarist Jesse Dee offers up new music from On My Mind/In My Heart at High Rock Outfitters.

Saturday is International Jazz Day, which means the Friends of Coltrane are going to spend the day listening to the Rippingtons and Googling “jazz.” With the blindside success of the Overmountain Men, one of North Carolina’s most prolific songwriters is finally getting his due, and you can catch David Childers himself with the Overmountain Men at the Garage, supported by Andy Vaughan & the Driveline. Local metalcore group Damien Deadson drop a new record at Ziggy’s with Gut Feeling, Wolves, Tusker and Valience, while proggy Greensboro trio Black Squares/White Islands join Sweet Sleep at the Green Bean.