by Ryan Snyder

You could say that big things are brewing on Bridge Street in Winston- Salem, but beer puns are barley worth the effort. The Hoots Roller Bar and Beer Co. is the concept of Codeseven guitarist Eric Weyer (who also has a new project on the way with C7 singer Jeff Jenkins), record producer Ryan Pritts and Motorist front man Eric Swaim, and will have their craft suds ready to pour this September. Salud.

Flip over one page for more on one of the most underrated hip-hop groups of the ’90s, who will offer up a classic in its entirety at Ziggy’s on Wednesday. At the Garage, classically trained folk-pop songwriter Leah Shaw plays a hometown show in support of her EP I’m Just the Same. Boston rock foursome Slow Mover throws down like Mike Muir on a really bad day, and they’ll be joined by Dumpster, the proggy Black Squares/ White Islands and Hulk Smash at the Flatiron, while ESP keeps the jam alive at the Blind Tiger.

The Barham boys are in town, starting with future Bojangles pitchman Tyler Blake Barham at the Green Bean on Thursday, though he is totally not related to American Aquarium front man BJ Barham, who posts up at the Garage on Friday with Drive-By Truckers acolytes Pullman Strike and Josh Roberts & the Hinges. There’s strange symmetry to the offspring of Keith and Donna Jean Godchaux playing jammy trance-funk, but then again, there are few career and creative options for a kid named Zion Rock Godchaux. His band Boombox will play Ziggy’s, while there’s a great avantrock lineup at Krankies with Gray Young and Bosnian Pyramids.

West End Mambo bring Latin flavor to Summer on Trade on Saturday, and the unofficial afterparty goes down at the Garage with a band that should really play out more in White Rifles, with Youngster in support.

Sunday’s big deal is a non-recognized wedding of the civilly disobedient sort at Winston Square Park, with the likelihood of a Laurelyn Dossett-Graham Byers- Leigh Harris-Allison David jam breaking out, while Sessions’ First Annual Ska Punk Festival goes down with Corporate Fandango, Totally Slow, et al on the bill.

There’ll be a lot of Dead leading up to Jerry’s 71 st birthday over the next few weeks, but count on the Family to always hold it down on Monday at the Blind Tiger, and likewise with KC/DC at Wahoo’s on Tuesday.