by Ryan Snyder

Nigel Hall, the gifted vocalist and keyboardist with Boston funk massive Lettuce, leads a brand-new supergroup into the Blind Tiger on Wednesday that emphasizes the unfathomably deep catalog of classic and contemporary soul that lives inside his head. Anything from William Bell and Earth, Wind & Fire to J. Dilla and Paul Simon might come out of the band that includes Beyonce drummer Nikki Glaspie and all-world vocalist/guitarist Nick Cassarino.

The Hackensaw Boys are one of the oddest, rowdiest and most enduring of the most recent revival of old-time Americana, and they’ll be right at home on High Rock Outfitter’s stage on Thursday. Poison’s Bret Michaels plays Ziggy’s and for an extra $200 (in addition to your ticket), you get to meet the guy. He’s more thorn than rose these days, but at least he doesn’t hide where he stands with his fans. Exhaustion forced Architects to drop off of tour last week, as headliners Protest the Hero pay back their fans in kind for funding their excellent new album, Volition, as they hit Greene Street Club with the Kindred. The best stuff remains in this abridged holiday season, and that includes the Greensboro Oratorio Society’s presentation of Handel’s Messiah at the War Memorial Auditorium.

The Lee Boys are one of the flag bearers of the sacred steel tradition-modern funk dynamic, and they’re going to start a fire at High Rock Outfitters on Friday. After teenage motherhood derailed her singing career, Jamie Lynn Spears is 22-year-old and just released her first single, a sweet country ballad that sounds thawed over from her Disney years. She’ll play it and who knows what else at the Blind Tiger on Friday. Wilmington’s Stray Local bring R&B elements into their vision of old-time, and they’ll show it at Turntable.

The Giving, the new one from Durham’s Humble Tripe, revels in Iron & Wine’s influence, and it can be heard at Turntable on Saturday. Yo Gotti is set to play Visions this Saturday, even if it’s not on his actual tour agenda. Let Gucci Mane aid any decision by referencing his best track this year, “Birds of a Feather,” where he says, “I used to f*** with Gotti till he turned into a buster.”

The rock duo format has its limitations, but Miami’s Deaf Poets push them as far as they’ll go during a two-night Triad stand, first at the Garage on Sunday and then at the Blind Tiger on Dec. 10. Donnie & Marie set it and Christmas back decades on Dec. 9 at the War Memorial. And look here: Hippo Records gets its live music cherry broken on Dec. 10 by a couple of real guitar studs in Sinister Haze and Demon Eye.