by Ryan Snyder

Much needed pre-Christmas discount, or you get what you pay for? Either way, $3 will get you an evening of heavy Southern rock from Trailer Park Orchestra, Forever Down and White Knuckle Blackout at the Blind Tiger on Wednesday, while the 2 nd Annual Country Christmas Tour hits Ziggy’s with the Corey Hunt Band, Benton Blount, Greg Payne and Josh Brannon in tow.

Clean picking and high harmonied bluegrass quintet Town Mountain come east to visit the High Rock Outfitter stage on Thursday, while Greenville about-towners Mac and Juice take I-40 west to hook up with the Deluge and Viva La Muerte at the Blind Tiger.

The safe money is on John Howie Jr. having a complement of Ray Price tunes handy when he visits Chelsee’s Coffee on Friday night, and with the bo-steven’s Richard Boyd and the Three-Fifths’ Stephen Corbett to help out, “Old Friends” might be among them. Former Relix publisher Toni Brown brings the music that gave rise to the jam band companion to High Rock Outfitters with Ed Munson, while Athens ’grass heads the Packway Handle Band play their first show of the weekend at the Century Park Tavern in Kernersville. Miami sludgehounds Torche head up an eclectic evening at the Blind Tiger with local punks Totally Slow and Jared Draughn’s spacey solo project, Must Be the Holy Ghost. There’s free reggae by Lion tracks at Ziggy’s, while Flagship Romance make lover’s rock at Turntable with Joel Hodnett.

Somehow The A/V Club’s “Year in Band Names” went down with Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves unscathed, but there’s always next year. They’re at the Garage on Saturday with Borrowed Arts, Fury and the Sound, and Stop Motion. Garage-rock duo the Alaskan Whalers play Turntable with Stellatone and a “special mystery guest” (money’s on Julie Andrews or Carol Channing). The Packway Handle Band stick around for night two at Century Park Tavern, while Bare the Traveler offer aggro-grass with J-Memory and Stave at Brewski’s on Burke. You can catch the Loose Cannons for free at High Rock Outfitters, just bring a toy to add to their Brenner’s Children’s Hospital toy drive, while Lexington black metal exports Alignak hook up with Heron and Dreaded at New York Pizza.

Sunday’s slate comes down to the series finale that came all too soon for “Treme,” or the Deluge’s DVD release party at High Rock Outfitters, where they’ll finish off the viewing with an IRL acoustic set. Either way, music is what’s on the TV. !