by Ryan Snyder

Camden, SC brother act the Mobros play soulful garage rock in the vein of King Khan & BBQ (with none of the malice), and they’ll play the Blind Tiger on Wednesday with Camper Van Beethoven-loving Raleigh duo the Revolutionary Sweethearts. Coiners of the ‘slut rock’ genre, the two front women of post-feminist devolutionists Butcher Babies cite Wendy O. Williams as their muse, which includes nothing but well-placed electrical tape to preserve their modesty. They offer plenty to look at for Ed Hardy-wearing, alpha types into plastic, but their putrid nu-metal wankfest is nonetheless hell on the ears. They’re playing Ziggy’s with In This Moment, fronted by Hot Topic poster girl Maria Brink. The best bill of the week is at New York Pizza, where sugary Raleigh garage noisemakers the Lollipops join up with tripped-out Baltimoreans Raindeer, weird-ass lyricist Gage, bluesy freestylist MC Stealth and local thrashers Cucumbers.

On Thursday, punishing Winston-Salem psych-doom trio Primovanhalen pick up where Burglar F***er left off, and their first substantial tour kicks off at Krankies. Asheville posterior aficionados Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band push the twerk renaissance at the Blind Tiger, while Philly songwriter Chris Kasper sketches thoughtful folk-soul at the Green Bean.

After nearly 30 years of recording, jam poet Jerry Joseph’s new self-titled is uncharacteristically subdued, and his accompanying solo acoustic tour hits the Blind Tiger on Friday. Freak Scene, the Dinosaur Jr. tribute fronted by Jews & Catholics’ Eddie Garcia, won’t deploy the same level of sonic artillery, but it’s still going to get loud at the Garage. Ziggy’s has a roundup of Camel City metal with Columns, Uzzard, Small Planes and Echo Crush, and Baton Rouge guitar firebrand Jonathon “Boogie” Long visits High Rock Outfitters. Grand Ole Uproar and Valentine Hellderman & the Taters throw a hootenanny at New York Pizza, while the Mobros stick around for more at Turntable.

The New Familiars return to the Blind Tiger on Saturday alongside guest Keith Allen.

Asheville trio Underhill play sweetheart folk Rose at High Rock Outfitters. Les Racquet offer power pop with shades of jazz at the Garage and Brewski’s On Burke hosts locals Wafer Thin and Vel Indica.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid bands with vague gerund, infinitive or appositive phrases for names, but Shoot the Moon Media has put together a party on Sunday at the Blind Tiger that only a middle school English teacher could love with After the Movies, A Turning Day, the First to Fall, et al. At Turntable, NYC songwriter Scott Barkan brings a full band for compositions from his brand new record Flightless Bird. !