On Wednesday, High Point folk rock group Falls make their Tunes at Noon debut at Center City Park, with Alaskan Whalers masher Marcus Cox showing his mellower side. On Thursday, there’s copious funk at the Blind Tiger between the Deluge, the Chit Nasty Band. Georgia hick-hop outfit Rehab’s farewell tour hits Ziggy’s, but if anyone tries to make you go, just say “No, no, no.” It’s Caribbean Night at Studio B with food, drink and island jams from the well-schooled members of Sonos. At High Rock Outfitters, electrofunk quartet Imperial Blend play the first of two.

American Aquarium just announced that they’re headed into the studio to record their next record, entitled Wolves, under the guidance of Megafaun’s Brad Cook, and they’re no doubt going to test out some of those tunes when they play the Garage on Friday with the Tyler Nail Band. Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba just released Great Peace, and they’re celebrating its release with a performance at the Crown at Carolina Theatre with support from Cakalak Thunder and Bruce Piephoff & Scott Sawyer. Reanimator will try to contain the combined sonic violence of Curse and Primovanhalen. Jake Owen might be the latest arena-level product of the pop country gristmill, but at least the way he handled the guy who cold-cocked a lady in the front row at a recent performance suggests he’s a decent guy, unlike many of his peers. He’s at the Greensboro Coliseum with two acts bearing some of the machine’s most talented songwriters, the Eli Young Band and Cadillac Three. Let’s play “I Know Him from Somewhere” at the Blind Tiger, with sets from former Athenaeum guitarist Mike Garrigan and the Kneads, featuring ex-Raymond Brake drummer Joel Darden. At Ziggy’s, I Am Heresy disguise hardcore as black metal, or maybe it’s the other way around.

It’s pronounced Tree-o-scapes, and they’ve got a new album of uncompromising jazz fusion on the way. They’ll return to the place where it was made when they play Legitimate Business on Saturday, while the band responsible for a running joke about their name, Skullcollector, plays Ziggy’s with Tusker, Valence and Blacklist. Reanimator will continue to punish you with guitars and amps until they have your vote for WFDD’s Arts Awareness award, this time via Jews & Catholics noisemaker Eddie Garcia. Unknown Hinson makes up for his snowedout February show at the Blind Tiger, while Imperial Blend play their second at High Rock Outfitters. !