Paul McCartney is coming to the Triad this fall, and that’s pretty big, but Bhutanese acoustic guitar maverick Tashi Dorji is playing the summer’s first Mosaic Festival event at the downtown Greensboro Railyard on Wednesday at 7 p.m. It’s more immediate, far less expensive (it’s free), and let’s be honest, a heck of a lot more interesting. Plus, you can hear selections from his exciting forthcoming album — the extremely promising Hermit Hut Records’ #001 release — that at least one noteworthy critic has already called the best solo guitar album of 2014. Martha Bassett doesn’t quite offer the risk-to-reward quotient, but she makes for a nice lunchtime soundtrack at Tunes at Noon. Country rock quartet Williams & Company take the old adage “dress for the job you want” to heart while they’re trying to break it big in Nashville, and their barnstorming tour comes to the Blind Tiger.

Burlington-born troubadour Seth Walker’s newly-released eighth album has the fingerprints of the Wood Brothers all over it, and he’ll play his hometown record release show at the Blind Tiger on Thursday. Noche Caribena at Studio B’s rescheduled date leaves everything in place, including the performance by crack Afro-Cuban jazz troupe Soños. Post-Pantera life for its surviving members includes something with the word “supergroup” beside it, and drummer Vinnie Paul gets his turn with the Chad Gray-fronted groove metal quintet Hellyeah at Ziggy’s.

Don’t believe your intuition if you walk into the Green Bean on Friday night and it tells you that Modern Robot and Scott Sawyer are performing the soundtrack to “Maverick” or “City Slickers”; that’s actually the score to Charlie Chaplain’s “The Gold Rush”. Shows at CFBG are rare animals of late, but some familiar faces turn up in their old haunt when Hope for Agoldensummer offer up delicate alt-country along with Ameriglow, who themselves have a new record on deck. Amy Fitzgerald of Winston- Salem psych-rockers Aquatic Ceremony has a little Karen O and Alexis Brown in her, and her band will open for Echo Crush and the Unfortunate Gentlemen and at the Garage. Downtown Jazz at Corpening Plaza has the appropriate palate cleansers in the form of smoothies Saundra Crenshaw and Cindy Bradley.

On Saturday, the Blind Tiger turns 26, which means that Visa it maxed out when it was 18 is finally off of its credit report. The celebration comes with the more prudent choice of Rinaldi Flying Circus and Chauffer featuring Joey Barnes. Meanwhile, it’s also Saturday in Winston-Salem, who goes big with the Bo-Stevens at Summer on Trade.!