The most unlikely hit of the year might be the parking lot scene at the Greensboro Coliseum on August 15 — all those ex-hippies coming to see Crosby, Stills & Nash at the War Memorial are going to find a lot of common ground with the southern rap fans in the big room for the justannounced Lil Boosie & Friends show.

The second biggest: a mash-up called “Wipe Me Down in the River”.

Any aspirations that don’t involve applying meat to hot surfaces or making things explode are likely up in smoke also, so don’t feel too bad about taking a long lunch to watch Sam Frazier play a little guitar in Center City Park on Wednesday. The darkness needs no respite, though, and the collaborative set between Portland drone duo the Body and NOLA doom metal outfit Thou will be the sound of malice incarnate.

It’s been four years since “Lost” concluded and yet no one has been counting the days until referencing it in band names became en vogue. Like it or not, that day is here with the premiere of slacker-jam outfit Alvar Hanso on Thursday at the Blind Tiger. It’s not, however, too soon to name kids after A Tribe Called Quest songs, even if guitar shredder Skye Page chose a different path. She’s at the Garage for the Heavy Rebel pre-party with Danny B. Harvey and Pastor John OMB. In other pop culture reference news, Colorado cowpunks Arliss Nancy visit New York Pizza and, okay enough, New Orleans funkateers Naughty Professor play High Rock Outfitters.

Big KRIT says get it poppin’ like the Fourth of July, which probably precludes meandering around the 600 block of S. Elm Street for hours on end on Friday, looking at things and watching otherwise good bands like Estrangers or the Beast give dispirited performances in front of an apathetic public. The daytime alternative is watching a Drifters knockoff at the Deck at River Twist, so maybe save it for the House Of Fools 4th of July Party at the Blind Tiger with an awesome lineup that includes Must Be The Holy Ghost, Bare The Traveler, Hot Lung, the Billy Folks and the Scorchin’ Sons.

On Saturday, John Howie, Jr. & the Rosewood Bluff pass up Heavy Rebel for a Summer on Trade gig, and on Tuesday, laidback upstate NY grooverock outfit Aqueous join up with Marvelous Funkshun at the Blind Tiger. !