Contrary to what the image on the Blind Tiger’s website might suggest, Wednesday night’s Morning Lights show will not feature the Steel City piano pop might-have-beens. They’ve been broken up for five years with no plans for that to change. It’s actually a local neo-psych quartet who will probably be legally compelled into a name change before too long. They’ll be joined by space-rocker Menteur and gypsy punks Boot Strap Slick.

Ever visit Slayer’s website while listening to, say, In Utero, and something from Reign In Blood auto-plays over top of it? That’s the sound of Kernersville’s Fires of Affliction if you are also talking to your daughter on a tin can telephone. They’re at the Blind Tiger on Thursday. Soul-rock five-piece Doby have it a little more together, and they’re the soundtrack to the next installment of the Greensboro City Market on Thursday.

On their new release Ars Moriendi, 15-piece orchestral folk co-op the Collection explore the concept of dying well, but the music itself is a reminder that living is always the preferred option. They’ll pack the Blind Tiger Stage with the full band on Friday to give one of the most ambitious releases of the year a proper debut with support from Andrew Eversol, who has a new record of his own to play for you. Also in awesome releases, the #001 release from startup label CrimsonEye is a stoner rock gem from locals Irata and Chapel Hill’s Solar Halos in the form of a 10” split EP on Coke bottle clear and red wax. It can be had at their release show in the main room at Ziggy’s. Last year, declared Boston funk improv quartet the Jauntee to be the heir to Phish’s throne, which is probably one of those Kohler gravity-fed deals. They’re at the Garage, while Georgia folk-rocker Wyatt Espalin joins Jacob Johnson and Trees Leave at Fiddle & Bow and Hickory pickers the Red Dirt Revelators visit High Rock Outfitters.

Tell the S.O.S. Band that you still care by weathering the mid-July blacktop at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds on Saturday to hear the song out of which A$AP Rocky made “Peso” and DJ Kool clear his throat.

On Sunday, percussion virtuoso Virgil Donati brings an all-star fusion band to Greene Street Club in support of his solo album In This Life, while the Blind Tiger has reggae from Da Stateside Lion. On Tuesday, Hank3 doesn’t need an opener for his Ziggy’s show; he’s playing two hours of his own hellish vision of country and an hour of cowboy metal.