The once iconic punkumentary “Another State of Mind”, the 1983 travelogue/manifesto featuring Social D and Youth Brigade, is almost hilariously dated, but the scenes of Ian MacKaye happily doling out big scoops of ice cream at a Haagen-Dazs shop will never get old. Catch a special screening of it at Geeksboro on Wednesday night. One of the film’s primary takeaways still holds true: the music business is an unforgiving thing where innocents sometimes suffer for the blind callousness of others. That in itself might be enough justification for hitting the Blind Tiger afterwards to lustily boo Ania DeJoy just for being Aldona Wos’s daughter if one were so inclined.

Bernard Wright’s keys have shown up in classic tracks by Snoop Dogg and 2Pac, and a little-known jam by Skee-Lo called “I Wish”, and Friday night it will show up at Greensboro College with beatsmith Larry Draughn. There’s a rock-fest-just-because at the Garage with psych-blues from the Unfortunate Gentlemen, Queen City stoner metal from Viajando, and locally-sourced hard rock by Skullcollector and Echo Crush. Dirtywars play Jayhawk-y alt-country at Turntable. Urban Standard II and Jeff Bradshaw play jazz for folks who can’t distinguish it from R&B at Corpening Plaza, and Jerry Week continues at High Rock Outfitters with the Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band.

Bam Margera billing F*ckface Unstoppable as a “joke band” seems a little on the nose; it was to be assumed anyway. They’re at Ziggy’s on Saturday. Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboys play buttoned-up, flatpicked country at Triad Stage. The Garage’s guitar assault continues with Pastor John One Man Band, Let Speak the Gods, Cactus Black, Uzzard and Tusker, while Curtis Eller’s American Circus go completely guitar-free while playing cuts from his standout new record How to Make It In Hollywood at Turntable. Stray Local and the Zinc Kings pick lightly at the Green Bean, while Bare the Traveler, Aside Oceans, Corporate Fandango, Hot Lung and Space Bear visit the space formerly known as the Clubhouse and Tequila Cowboys, now called Shiners. The Vagabond Saints Society play the music of Hall & Oates at Summer On Trade, possibly unaware that the actual Hall & Oates are visiting the area in about a month.

Chuck Cotton, Jordan Powers and Jack King set about playing a medical benefit with friends at the Blind Tiger on Sunday, but everybody hurts sometimes, because the Double H Bluegrass Band are doing the same at Turntable. At Visions, Lumberton emcee the Yungest Bristow kinda cops Migos’ flow, but he’s still worth checking out at an underground rap showcase. !