Thursday at the Garage, CringeCon is Reanimator’s celebration of two years of serving up rekkids to the denizens of downtown Winston-Salem, but it’s also a call to shake up the models of superheroism/supervillainy. Reanimator laid the groundwork for this with a YouTube video of suggested alter egos. Hold a prop skull by your midsection all night and suddenly you’re Skull Dong. Throw a plastic crate on your dome and you’re Alexander the Crate. Are they good guys? Bad guys? Who knows or cares? That’s partly the beauty of it. You get half off of admission with little to no effort on your part.

What else is beautiful is the lineup, a collection of musical oddities whose oddness will only be matched by the costumed coterie inside. This includes the manically hooky Baltimoreans Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, whose new album Party Jail is equal parts alt dance and menacing atmospherics, Raleigh noise punks Whatever Brains, the clever Casio-core of Human Pippi, and Winston doomgazers and de facto hosts PrimoVanHalen. At the Blind Tiger, bring your own empirical lyrical miracle as Skymatic make live hip-hop beats with synths and violin a la CunninLynguists or Blackalicious, and Big Something’s long east coast tour drops them off at High Rock Outfitters.

Reanimator keeps the festivities going on Friday with an evening in-store performance by local darkwave trio Spirit System free from the clutches of recording.

They’re joined by Charlotte psych-pop trio Melt. The Raving Knaves and the Grand Ole Uproar get together to jam outside at Turntable, and virtuoso guitarist Daniel Seriff plays his final show as a member of the Deluge at High Rock Outfitters. Why DWSP booked only smooth jazz for the Downtown Jazz series is anyone’s guess, but John Dilliard and Nick Colionne are here to help put this thing out of its misery. For wax hounds, CFBG’s back-toschool sale gets you four $1 records for the price of one.

While Paint Fumes are taking a breather, check out Helium Moon Ceremony, the side project of drummer Joshua Johnson/ Pinche Gringo, at New York Pizza on Saturday with fellow garage disciples Jimmy & the Teasers and the Piedmontsmen. Graymatter and Dean Driver are dad-approved at Turntable, and the monolithic soul of Doby is here to funkify your life at Summer on Trade.

Five years since their last record, Wilmington metal outfit He Is Legend are back with a kinder, gentler new release called Heavy Fruit, , and they’re playing it at Ziggy’s on Sunday. !