Elsewhere raising final funds for remodeling project in Greensboro

by Jeff Sykes

Artist rendering of Elsewhere remodeling project.

Elsewhere, one of the most creative and eclectic art outlets in the state, is conducting an online fundraiser to collect part of the final $200,000 needed to restore its building on South Elm Street in Downtown Greensboro.

The 100-year old building is home to a living museum that celebrates the thrift store collection of Sylvia Gray. Her grandson, George Scheer, lead a group of artists that reinvigorated the shuttered store in 2003.”In 2003, her grandson, George Scheer, and a group of artists moved into the store, declared nothing for sale, and started reorganizing these things to make way for a new kind of place for collaborative production and interaction,” the museum’s Kickstarter page states. “Twelve years later, Elsewhere is a museum, artist residency, and education laboratory known globally for its innovative approach to combining people and things.”The museum has been restoring the building one small piece at a time over the years, but now has a 40-year lease and wants to commit to an $800,000 restoration project.The group has raised $600,000 so far.”Restoring our 100-year old historic building will enable Elsewhere to become more accessible, safe and sustainable,” the Kickstarter page states. “It will enable Elsewhere to provide year-round programming, create twelve live-work artist studios, and three-floor public museum access–substantially increasing our capacity for artists and the public. “Currently without a heating or cooling system, Elsewhere closes the museum every winter from November through March. Year-round operations will extend our programming season, expand our national and international networks, catalyze momentum, and create new opportunities for connection and growth.” Find out much more at their Kickstarter page, which has statistics and financial data.The campaign currently has raised $8,630 from 91 backers. The group hopes to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter by April 20.

Elsewhere Kickstarter logo.