Emerywood: High-end sandwich in High Point neighborhood

by Joe Murphy

Emerywood Fine Foods in High Point is known for its dinner entre’s, but they also make a mean sandwich, like To Brie or not to Brie. (photo by Joe’ Murphy)


When you drive in downtown High Point during the day you get a lot of gas fumes in your face, especially when you roll down the windows at intersections to ash. My friend assured me that through the midst of all the sprawl, there was a really good sandwich spot off of Lexington. I figured we’d give it a try since we were in the area.


Attempting to follow his directions, I turned too early and soon was face to face with the original building of the High Point Primitive Baptist Church. The building looked decrepit and ancient. I couldn’t help but wonder if my great-grandfather, who preached at a church in High Point when my grandmother was born, had ever spent time in that building.

From there we turned left and got back on track, passed the new, modern location of the Primitive Baptist Church and found the building and parking lot for Emerywood Fine Foods. We arrived at that frustrating time for servers —mid-afternoon, the lull in between lunch and dinner. Maybe that’s why it took a few minutes to get our menus and drink orders taken. Or maybe it was our age and vaguely haggard appearance, because an older couple who came in and were seated after us received service first.

Despite that, Emerywood offers a comfortable environment for a business lunch. The thin dinning area’s purple walls are lined with art and pine tables add a layer class and dignity.

Once our menus arrived I was taken aback by the vast array of sandwiches and their “punny” names including “The Rose Beast,” the “Funky Chicken,” “Been There Done That,” “The Tree Hugger” and “Gouda Grief.” We settled on “To Brie or Not to Brie” with pasta salad and “The Otter Club” with potato salad.

“To Brie or Not to Brie” included brie, of course, with smoked turkey on a baguette laden with mayonnaise, lettuce and honey mustard.

Ham, turkey, havarti-dill cheese on a baguette with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and mustard came on “The Otter Club.”

Each sandwich cost $7.50 and with the fresh ingredients was well worth it. The highlight of the meal however was our sides. The pasta salad was very creamy with just the right amount of oil and the potatoes in the potato salad were perfectly cooked and well seasoned with hints of rosemary.

The dinner menu is indicative of fine dining with entrees ranging from $14 to $25, along with appetizers, pizzas and salads for about half that. Just from a glance at the vast wine list I was taken aback by the prices of the selections; indicating a quality that I can’t appreciate but surely goes down easier than Rolling Rock and Jim Beam.

Towards the end of the meal, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” came on the speakers piping through the dining room. It immediately brought me back to the previous night when I’d heard that song mashed up with TuPac’s “My Block.” By the last chorus I couldn’t help but add “My block” to the end of “Somewhere over…” Probably because I’m more accustomed to, as ’Pac says in the verse, “trying to cop a slice of pizza with my last dime” than fine dining. Luckily it was close enough to payday that we didn’t have to wash dishes.

wanna go?

Emerywood Fine Foods 130 W. Lexington Ave High Point 336.882.6971