Emily Slaska

by Brian Clarey

This week’s Page Three model, Emily Slaska, is what’s known in dating circles as ‘a good catch.’ At 23 her list of accomplishments makes some of us around here feel mighty lazy. She gradated high school in three years and finished Elon College in three and a half. She’s owned her own home since she was 21 and her dedication to physical fitness drives her to get out of bed at 4:45 a.m. and hit the gym before she heads to the Education Center, where she works as a business analyst, and then again afterwards for more cardio and weights. She also volunteers as a Big Sister. But what we like about her most is that, like Billy Joel, Poison guitarist CC DeMille, all four Baldwin brothers and YES! Weekly editor Brian Clarey she was raised on Long Island. And like Clarey she likes it here better. ‘“It’s a bigger city for North Carolina,’” she says, ‘“but it’s small enough that you can go out and see people you know all the time.’” Emily, shown here in repose at Café Europa, claims to be single, most likely because no one’s caught up with her yet.