Endless Mic okay with Beasties comparison

by Heather MacIntyre

I remember the first time I personally met Stewart, AKA Stu. He was in my creative writing class at UNCG, one of the most personable and intelligent students in our class – not to mention a clever writer. So it didn’t surprise me to find out shortly after that he was in a local hip-hop group that so many of my friends were into. Endless Mic signed to Trekky Records (, a label that close friends of theirs put together for local and North Carolina-based bands. “When we come into town for meetings now,” comments Zano, “It’s less business, and more like going to hang out. This label is like a big family.” The group has been together for almost six years now, originating from Stu and Zano’s high school friendship and later merging through introduction to Deez by another DJ. Over the years, so many artists have influenced them in the direction they are running like Outkast, Heltah Skeltah, Camp Lo, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. But lately they’ve all been listening to non-hip-hop: Zano is all about the Band, Stu has been into a lot of stoner metal, and Deez has been in an Elvis Costello mood recently. This is important though, not getting stuck or pinned down into a certain genre. It’s the reason why their albums are so eclectic and full of multi-contemporary ideas. Though the band has always been compared to the Beastie Boys, they’ve recently learned to appreciate it. “We used to hate it,” Stu rolls his eyes, “but now we understand that there aren’t many hip-hop groups that get as much respect as the Beasties. They’re pretty much universally adored. So we’re cool with it.” If they could share the stage with anyone though – and not that Beastie Boys wouldn’t be an honor – they all rave about being a part of Jamie Lidell’s live show, and more locally, they wouldn’t mind teaming up with Raleigh’s the Annuals ( Recently, Endless Mic appeared in Performer magazine, and the gossip line is still buzzing on their recent free-digital release of All New Super Exclusive Al Gore Bongwater Mixtape Volume One. Aside from their own album of course, they’d like to vouch for the new Prodigy HNIC pt.2, and Applejuice Kid’s ( new project with Geechi Suede from Camp Lo called FreeBass808 ( The guys are little burnt out from this last semester with touring and school, so they’ve decided to take it easy for the summer hoping for a little sun and relaxation to recuperate for what’s next – so keep your ears to the ground, they’re working some pretty major back-to-school plans for this fall. Where might you find them hanging out this summer? In Greensboro the “usual spot” is at College Hill; for food they hit up some Greek chow at Jack’s Corner and Deez is an avid attendee of the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market on Yanceyville Street “for all the local goodness,” he says. Download their recent album for free at: