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Asite created by music lovers, with a wide variety of tunes to checkout. Particularly those interested in electronica and alternativemusic, but if you are interest in other music styles, they are theretoo.Epitonic allows easy access to the music. They have several options forstreaming albums by a specific artist, or tracks in a genre of music.The even have little introductory streams of description and tunes foreach sub-genre, in case you want to know more about them.We especially like Epitonic’s approach of offering MP3 streams ofalbums or genres, since people often want to hear variety in a genre ofmusic without the hassle of checking every artist’s page for tracks tosample.Lastly, they even offer MP3s for free download, that you can listen tolocally. Grab several tracks for personal listening, and if you chooseto buy a CD from the artist, you know exactly where to go. And it’scool stuff. 🙂