Evan Olson

by Brian Clarey

Is it safe to say that at this point in time, everybody in Greensboro knows who this man is? It’s Evan Olson, for all you cave dwellers and grannies out there, downtown resident and veritable Greensboro music celebrity. His tuneful history with Greensboro goes back to his days at UNCG, when he played in Majosha in the late ’80s, though many undoubtedly remember his turn as frontman for ’90s party band Bus Stop, his tenure with the many incarnations of Walrus (with whom he is still affiliated) or his rock outfit Lube. But not a lot of people know that his music thrives on the small screen, for which he’s penned original songs for commercials and numerous television shows, and the big one – his songs are featured in Scooby Doo and My Boss’s Daughter. And one of his songs, “Strong Enough”, was chosen as the new “Baywatch” theme song for the show’s DVD release. His newest live project, the Evan Olson Explosion, plays Greene Street on Saturday night. “It’s a three-piece band,” Olson says. “That means it’s pretty bare-bones simple. We only play what’s necessary – because we have to.”