Exodus Skate Shop opens the DLXSF DIY donation bucket

by Britt Chester

Photos by Britt Chester

In the August 12 YES! Weekly cover story (Kick and Push by Britt Chester), we spoke briefly about DLXSF, a California-based skateboard distribution company, and their efforts to support local skate shops by sending them a bucket with $50 already stuffed inside. The idea behind the buckets (250 individual buckets were sent to skate shops around the world) is to raise funds to build DIY (do-it-yourself) skate spots around the city. The buckets are to sit on the counter for 30 days, or longer, before opening and beginning the process of searching out spots to build on.

Exodus Skate Shop had the bucket sitting at the cash register in hopes that people would drop one or two dollars in from their change.

Exodus employee Colin Snoke said he was expecting there to be around “$600 maybe $700” inside.

Boy was everyone surprised.

While owner Rick Carter filmed the opening of the bucket, Snoke poured the donations out on the table. Nathan Sean and Derek Fry, two employees of Exodus, looked on as the loose change and various denominations of bills poured out onto the table.

The grand total? $847.81.

[L to R: Colin Snoke, Nathan Sean and Derek Fry of Exodus Skate Shop. Not pictured, but taking pictures and video – Rick Carter]

In 30 days Exodus Skate Shop raised $847 in loose change and bills. There was also a large donation made from gathering money at the Camel City Cream event at The Hut last month, which totaled right around $275.

What will they do with the money?

“We’re open to ideas,” Snoke said.

Congratulations to DLXSF and Exodus Skate Shop for finding a way for everyone to be apart of the skateboarding scene in Winston-Salem and North Carolina as a whole.

We’ll keep updating this post when we learn about the projects they have in mind.