Extended Play

by Jordan Green

In the midst ofplaying the mountain vacation spots, Greensboro folksinger BrucePiephoff is working on a book of song lyrics and poems called Fiddlersand Middlers that will be illustrated by his son, David, and releasedeventually by Yonno Press. He also reports that he’s completed a newcycle of songs for a record called Clockwork, which pretty muchdescribes his work pace. Continuing the mid-week, mid-dayconcert schedule the Dave Fox Group plays Center City Park inGreensboro on Wednesday from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. I haven’t heardany reports, but judging by the imploring e-mail I received from ActionGreensboro’s young professional’s group I’m guessing attendance couldbe better. The Alamance Gospel Band and Don Milholin open forClaire Holley at Alamance Presbyterian Church in Greensboro onWednesday. A Mississippi native now based in Los Angeles, Holley hasdeveloped a healthy following in the Triad thanks to strong airplay onWUNC and WFDD. The concert benefits the church’s music program andconcert series. Thursday’s iteration of the beach music showcaseat Festival Park in Greensboro features the Coastline Band. On the sameday, Lisa Dames, Sam Frazier and the Hall Monitors kick off the "Museand Music Series" in the parking lot of the Friendly Center adjacent toMuse Restaurant. Proceeds go the Children’s Home of North Carolina. Andfor a rocking good time, catch the Radials and the Fustics at the BlindTiger that night. Friday finds the Sham at the Raven inBurlington, while Hammer No More the Fingers, Red Collar, Lovecraft andLollipop Factory play Elliott’s Revue in Winston-Salem. Across thestreet, the Gougers and Turbo Project share billing at the Garage.Selah Dub brings its reggae music down from the mountainside (that is,Boone) to Liberty Steak House in High Point. Here’s the rundownon Friday night in Greensboro: Jonas Sees In Color, Ailyne, After theTragedy, Left on Cates, All In a Year and All at Once hold a mixer atGreene Street; the Ascendicate, Curse Your Name and Burn My Eyesintensify at Somewhere Else Tavern; and the Gibson Brothers (LouvinBrothers channelers by way of upstate New York) get that old-timefeeling at the Green Bean. Saturday: Crooked Cherry plays theRaven; Selah Dub shifts to Elliott’s Revue; 500 Miles to Memphis, NoahSugarman and Hannah Miller share the stage at the Garage. FolksingerScott Pryor, a former Greensboro resident who has since relocated toPhiladelphia, hits the Green Bean on Saturday. He’s promoting hissecond studio album, Theater for the Weary. The Oregon hardcoreband American Me heads the bill with Stray from the Path, Return theHero and a Plea for Purging at Club Rain (the venue formerly known asRemix VIP formerly known as the Flying Anvil) in Greensboro. GreeneStreet reopens Sunday, June 8 for John Doe & the Runners, Jence,Orion, 40, the Disciple, Crimson Refuge and For the Record, whileCarniflex, Arsonists Get All the Girls, Embrace the End and Conductingfrom the Grave converge on Club Rain. On June 10, Person L,featuring Kenny from the Starting Line, headlines Greene Street withSparks in Stereo, Grace Has Favor and Kaustic, and Sally Jaye and BrianWright work it out at the Garage.