Extended Play

by Jordan Green

I don’t know exactlywhat the deal is. The music offerings are a little skimpy this week inthe last gasp of May before the full-on summer season really getsunderway with lots of sweating in parking lots with plastic cups ofcheap beer, getting soiled with barbecue sauce and listening tohigh-octane roots music. First an education item: Going head tohead with GTCC’s Larry Gatlin School of Entertainment Technology inJamestown, Winston-Salem State University is rolling out a new degreetrack called "the bachelor of science in music business with emphasison sound recording technology." If you see yourself as the next PharellWilliams, this one’s for you. Coming back down to earth,acoustic artist Rick Allred performs a free noon concert at the Shopsat Friendly Center in Greensboro on Wednesday. Earlier in the dayTrinity country singer Donna Hughes will be at Center City Park inGreensboro for a lunch-hour concert. Outdoor easy-listening continues Thursday in Greensboro with a beach-music concert by the Band of Oz at Festival Park. Floridasacred steel champs the Lee Boys join the Mantras at the Blind Tiger onThursday. For a transcendent, soul-stirring good time, it would be hardto beat this pairing. Down Interstate 40, Lisa Kyle appears at the Raven on Thursday. SleepyHorses, a band that transplanted its psychedelic prairie honky tonkfrom Lubbock to Athens, shares a bill with the Mediocre Bad Guys,SunMile and Val Indica at the Garage on Friday. Across the street,Charles Davis & Co. commandeer the stage at Elliott’s Revue,alongside S. Burns. Jive Mother Mary appears at the Raven on Friday. Back in Greensboro, Alicia Keys reigns at the Coliseum on Friday, supported by Ne-Yo and Jordin Sparks. DarrellScott’s "It’s A Great Day to Be Alive" might have been recorded byTravis Tritt, but that fact obscures his maverick sensibility asfolk-music iconoclast in the shadows of the Nashville machine. Besides,he grew up in London, Ky., so he’s gotta be cool. On Friday, he’ll beat Mack and Mack Clothing on South Elm Street for a concert hosted byTriad Acoustic Stage. Thacker Dairy Road, who boast loyal fans in boththe roots-rock and experimental jam camps, preside at the Blind Tiger. Movingon to Saturday, catch Beneath the Wheel at the Raven, and the RenaePaige Trio at Harrison’s in High Point. Over in Winston-Salem, thebo-stevens and the Red Hot Poker Dots share the bill at the Garage. It’shard to say exactly what the stylistic common denominator might be forthe bands appearing at the Crank Your Wagon Wiggle Fest at SomewhereElse Tavern on Saturday, but knowing proprietor Burley Hayes, there’sprobably none. Try these on for size: Last Passenger, Biggest Secret,Anonymous, Generic Hustle, John Doe & the Runners, Trees Are Prettyand Neuropath.