Extended Play

by Jordan Green

WFDD-3, a digitalstation affiliated with Winston-Salem’s 88.5 WFDD FM, has launched fromWake Forest University. The new digital station features roots,traditional and folk music. To listen to the new WFDD-3, theclassical-formatted WFDD-2 or the digital version of the FM station,visit Joe Buck Yourself, formerly of theLegendary Shack Shakers and sometime upright bass player for HankWilliams III, brings his "one-man evil hillbilly punk band" to theGarage in Winston-Salem for a special midnight show on Wednesday. Betweenthe Buried and Me, Giant, Lye by Mistake and Eternity Between Us carrythe hardcore torch at Greene Street in Greensboro on Wednesday. Generic Hustle, Greensboro’s answer to the Toasters, pick it up at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro on Thursday. Our "Southern death pop" friends, Benj-O-Matic, turn up at the Red Lion in High Point on Friday. CowboysNite Life Bar & Grille, a new country music venue, has reportedlyopened on Fridays and Saturdays in Kernersville, with the Desert MoonBand performing house duties. Call 336.992.3136 for more information. Singer Nicola appears at Tuscany Coffee House, 2100 Cloverdale Ave., in Winston-Salem on Friday. Also in Winston-Salem on Friday, Big Daddy Love celebrates the release of its new CD with the Barnraisers at the Garage. Backin the Gate City, Limerick, Jones for Juliet and Crash Cadillac performthe honors at Greene Street on Friday, while Old Stone Revue holdscourt at the Blind Tiger, and Evan Olson entertains at Cooper’s AleHouse. Guitarist and vocalist GT Summerlin is at Bistro 150 in OakRidge on Friday. Moving on to Saturday, let’s check in withFurniture City. The Renae Paige Trio appears at Harrison’s Restaurantat 1807 N. Main St. in High Point. Call 336.883.0030 for moreinformation. Greensboro’s bicentennial celebration brings astellar lineup of acts with Gate City ties to the Heritage Festivalthis weekend. (See "Heather Mac" on page 39 for full coverage.)Meanwhile, on the UNCG strip, Tate Street Coffee hosts a jazz festivalwith an unknown lineup on Saturday, and the university’s Cone Ballroomhosts the annual Style In Stereo show (Again, see "Heather Mac" on page39). Irata, Bronzed Chorus and Sugar in the Dirt converge on theFlatiron in Greensboro on Saturday, while the Mantras and BohemianSunrise share the stage at the Blind Tiger. Over in Cancer City,Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band shakes ’em on down at Corpening Plaza onSaturday, and the Skellingtons, the Darnell Woodies and Memphis theBand appear at the Garage. Thick-N-Thin, described as "a musicalcomedy duo who performs folk, rock and country, even bluegrass," is atBistro 150 on Saturday. The neo-traditionalist Steep CanyonRangers appear at Farmfest in Mocksville on Saturday, and play a rolein Greensboro’s Heritage Festival the following day. The Wailers appear at Corpening Plaza on Sunday, April 13. Cartel, Ten Second Epic, Jonas Sees in Color and Mercy Mercedes share billing at Greene Street on April 13. TheStrugglers, AKA Brice Randall Bickford, release The Latest Rights CD onAcuarela Records on April 15. Bickford and friends will be at the GreenBean the following Saturday. April 15 finds the Bittersweets and Romantica at the Garage, and Cougar Magnum and the Getdown Sequence at the Blind Tiger.