Extended Play

by Brian Clarey

Wherefore art thou, Jordan Green? Well, the guy’s on a well-deserved vacation so I’ll be sitting in to fill you in on Triad live music highlights this week in the artless form of a list. The Blind Tiger, where I’ve been known to tip a few, blows it out with the Dynamites on Friday night. Then, on Sunday, be there for Evan Olson’s 40th birthday party where, hopefully, the local rocker will whip out his tiny guitar. My friends over at Greene Street have a couple of rock shows next week, with Farewell, Mercy Mercedes, A Clerestory and Sunset Greets the Moon filling the bill on Friday and, on the following Tuesday, a visit by the Human Circus Tour featuring Valencia, Self Against City, Permanent Me, Forever the Sickest Kids and Jonas Sees in Color. A few blocks over, the N Club unleashes a slew of nationally-touring acts that include Sevendust on Friday and Candlebox on Monday. Ziggy’s over in Winston-Salem has a full slate of excellence, but the biggest draw perhaps will be an appearance on Sunday by Lukas Rossi, AKA the Dude With the Messed Up Hair from reality TV show “Rock Star Supernova,” followed by a late night show with Misgiven. And at the Garage, also in the Camel City, look for the Malamondos CD release party on Saturday where their newest effort, It’s a Bad World Baby, will be unleashed. And if you’ve got a hankerin’ for the kinds of things we don’t normally see around here, hook up with the Eastern Music Festival, which will be staging no less than 12 shows over the prescribed time frame. Highlights on the classical side include a performance by guitar master Sharon Isbin on Wednesday at Guilford College’s Dana Auditorium and violin prodigy Sarah Chang, who will be playing some Bruch and Mahler, also at Dana. On the fringe of things, there will be a show by the Carpenter Ants on Saturday at Triad Stage and three sets by Dan Zanes, on Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., at the same venue. Zanes is the guy with the crazy hair who plays all those cool kids’ songs between shows on the Disney Channel and Noggin, something he took up after a successful career with the Del Fuegos. It’s worth a look even if you don’t have kids And somewhere in between is a show featuring violinist Hilary Hahn with guitarist Josh Ritter at the Dana Auditorium Tuesday night. Check out for more details. Okay, that’s all I got. Jordan, please come back soon… I was never cut out for the music business.

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