Extended Play

by Jordan Green

On the back side of Christmas, the Triad music scene will see a couple CD release parties, the return of some favorite native sons, a couple young Turks improving their craft and some worthy originators bringing in the new year.

Winston-Salem’s Love Craft, who call their music “melodramatic popular song,” throw their CD release party on Thursday at the Garage, where they’ll be ably supported by Telescreen and Sugar in the Dirt.

On the other side of the Triad at the Blind Tiger, Lemon Eye plays on Thursday. The band is a side project for Marcus Horth of the Mantras with bass player Chris Carroll, drummer Kelly Pace and the harmonica player known as Driveway.

Moving up to Friday, Greenville, SC favorite son Edwin McCain shows up at the N Club, where he’ll receive support from Trevor Hall. House of Fools returns triumphant from the road to Greene Street. Telescreen pops up a second time on the bill, as does the irrepressible Holy Ghost Tent Revival. The Carter Brothers, whom I’m told are related to the famed country music family and not the proprietors of the High Point barbecue restaurant, play the Blind Tiger, with support from the Radials. The core of the Radials, Stephen Corbett and Shawn Patch, emerged from the ashes of the Hot Carls, and after seeing them earlier this month at the Flatiron with a steel player and rhythm section, I’m happy to report that the Radials knocking out some incendiary country rock and roll.

Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro goes cartoon gangsta on Friday with Sick Hop 4, a showcase for the hip-hop talents of Phillie Phresh, Will Zay, Ed E. Ruger, Christ Addams, Ty Bru, Fortified, Stitchy C, Curve the Chaos, Blaze Belushi and Ricardo Sanchez Escort Service.

The action is at three venues in Winston-Salem on Friday, with Stratocruiser and Easybake sharing the bill at the Garage; the BFGs, Andy & the Jivers, Holland 1945 and Michael Hefner throwing a dance party at the Werehouse; and the Greensboro’s Crap Rock All Stars doing their part to improve Triad diplomatic relations at Elliott’s Revue.

On Saturday, the Evan Olson Explosion blows up at the Rhinoceros Club in Greensboro, and Hot Politics shows up at Finley’s in High Pont, while Jews(s) & Catholic(s) and Guitars in the Sky get ecumenical at the Garage.

On Sunday, Dec. 30, Langhorne Slim, Bombadil and Paleface turn up at the Blind Tiger, and Greene Street features a local rock package with Mercy Mercedes, Jonas Sees in Color, Layden, Ailyne and August.

The Mantras throw a CD release party for their new recording, How Many? and continue a tradition by ringing in the new year at the Blind Tiger. The featured entertainment at the Rhinoceros Club for New Year’s Eve comprises of the fittingly named Last Hour and the Garage’s rock and roll party includes the bo-stevens, Wafer Thin and Box Wine.

Lil Mikey Roohan, the barroom troubadour of Greensboro’s Flatiron and bass player for the aforementioned Crap Rock All Stars, recently learned that his song, “Jerkin’ Off Tonite,” will be be featured on “The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour” on Sirius satellite radio during a two-hour special from 7 to 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Peters will play 20 songs that were featured on his show in 2007, and give listeners the chance to vote for their favorites. The titles of the other songs are too vile to mention, so I recommend that you cast your ballot for Mr. Roohan.

And kudos to Asheville’s Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. They made the Onion AV Club’s ( list of worst bands of 2007 in the “just plain bad” category. But surely they couldn’t top SuperHeavyGoatAss in the “animals” category or Capitalist Hippie Complex in the “names implying boogying, grooving, or other hippie shit” category.