Fresh pickings at Hedgecock Strawberry Farm


I know that North Carolina is filled with northern transplants who sometimes have a difficult time adjusting to the culture of the South. Our northern ears struggle to hear you say “soda” instead of “pop,” and our northern tongues still insist on saying “you guys” as opposed to “y’all.”

Even typing the word “y’all” makes me feel uneasy.

Despite the dialect differences, I have come to realize that I have, indeed, fallen in love with the South. I love living in a place that doesn’t require me to wear snow boots and thermals for six months out of the year. I love that the people down here don’t seem to be genetically wired to be colder- not in a climactic way, but in a personal way.

More than anything, I love the opportunities to see and feel new things that I wouldn’t have been able to had I not come here.

On Memorial Day, I decided to take a trip, alone, to Hedgecock Strawberry Farm in Kernersville. My family had already departed back to Ohio, and my brother was still feeling the pain from a weekend filled with good times in Greenville, and I could use the peace and quiet anyway.

As I pulled up into the dirt driveway, I saw what looked like acres of strawberry fields and families walking together through them, picking the finest of strawberries.

“You don’t see this in Ohio,” I thought to myself.

Toward the back of the field, there is a little, rustic building. In front of the cute building, there sits a green John Deere tractor, which I just thought was kind of adorable.

When I walked into the building, I felt like my senses were immediately overloaded. The first thing I noticed was the aroma. Upon entrance, your nose is treated to an intense blast of the smell of fresh strawberries, and you can’t help but smile.

Then you look around, and you see white baskets and cardboard boxes filled with strawberries of every size. I saw giant strawberries as well as “baby” strawberries, and I wanted them all.

It is $9 to pick your own gallon of strawberries or $11 to buy one of the gallons that has already been picked by the Hedgecocks.

I thought about walking around in the field, picking my own strawberries, and if I weren’t alone, I may have done it. Since I was by myself, and I am ignorant to all things farm-related, I decided to leave it in the hands of the professionals and buy the already-picked gallon.

Have you ever seen something that looked so perfect that you didn’t want to disturb it?

That’s how I felt about these strawberries. On my way home from the farm, I looked over at my gallon of strawberries, sitting in the cardboard box, and I didn’t even want to try one because they looked so pretty.

But of course I did try one. And then another. And then about six more before I arrived back to Winston-Salem.

Hedgecock Strawberry Farm has the best strawberries I have ever had. They are so good that I actually felt guilty about putting them into smoothies. I didn’t want to because they are delicious enough to eat alone, but what else is one person supposed to do with a gallon of strawberries?

Hedgecock Strawberry Farm is a beautiful place that I am glad I got to visit for my last food review. It is a perfect place to take your family for a nice, southern experience, and their product is truly outstanding. !


Hedgecock farm is located at 3011 Abbotts Creek Church Road in Kernersville. They are open from 7AM-7PM Mon-Fri & 7AM-5PM on Sat. For more information, call them at 336-869-4762.