2014 favorites and what to expect in 2015

In the past few weeks alone the Triad has been consumed by a blizzard, intimidated by a snow queen, chastised by an angry elf, and made to believe again by a heart-warming eight-year-old named Virginia. It’s been a great holiday.

But that’s not all. I realize that the holiday truly reserved for appreciation is Thanksgiving, but I actually enjoy looking back on the joyous year while my living room boasts a beautifully lit Douglas fir. The Triad has seen a wide variety of productions this year and it’s been an honor to cover them. So what were my favorite productions of 2014? And what greatness can we expect for 2015? Let the countdown begin…

The Best of 2014


The year kicked off to a great start with this playful musical that had me laughing deeply, all while my cheeks were rouged. Featuring a lot of pink glitter, four gay (very brave) men and butt-bearing chaps with heart-shaped holes, Theatre Alliance did a superb job pulling off a very silly play. It reminded me how fun and carefree theatre can be…and how wonderful it can make the audience feel.


Spring sprung with this sassy country number by Triad Stage. Featuring big hair, Southern twangs and a hunky pump boy, this musical featured live instruments on stage, including a piano, acoustic guitars, a harmonica, an accordion, and even a cowbell. This play was certainly all fun and games, and it had me smiling the entire time.


High Point Ballet’s three-act show not only featured a variety of tap and jazz numbers, but it also included music from the ‘40s. The entire performance, which had about 60 dancers, was a cool combination of upbeat numbers, graceful arms and a mini history lesson. The choreographer, Gary Taylor, said the production was based off of the styles of swing, jazz and tap in the ‘40s, and was inspired by how important entertainment was for the U.S. troops back then. It was certainly an impressive way to honor the troops.

Most promising for 2015


Kernersville Little Theater usually has a good eye for content, plus they’ve received better lighting and production equipment this year. The theater’s next drama, coming in February, consists of a couple that is set to inherit a fortune. But when the husband passes before signing the papers, the wife must take to other tactics. With the help of her sister, she must convince everyone in her small town that her husband is still alive…at least until his signature can appear on the paperwork.


It’s a play fit for any girls’ night, an evening of drooling over Mr. Darcy. Twin City Stage will be performing the production soon next year, and it’s sure to bring Jane Austen’s classic novel to life. For those unfamiliar with the storyline, it consists of a very independent woman meets a charming young man, but they must overlook pride and prejudice to make it work.


Coined as “a love story with music,” this Triad Stage play weaves together the true tale of Mae West, a sex symbol, playwright and movie star, with the story of two present-day fans. Triad Stage promises it will be filled with romance, sexual innuendo, and the magnificent costumes and music from her classic films.

That, of course, doesn’t mean there aren’t other exciting shows.

But it does mean that we’re off to a good star t for the New Year. I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store, and that includes what surprises we might see from our area arts schools and Open Space Café Theatre, which just recently got back in the game, as well as Theatre Alliance, which is always pushing the envelope.

But until then I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, or at the very least a nice relaxing vacation. And that includes the area’s actors, theater directors, set and costume designers and other support that have been working tirelessly for our holiday shows. See you all next year! !