Fifth Season’s Gardening brings an artful alternative

For more than 10 years, Fifth Season Gardening has been committed to a do it yourself lifestyle. They focus on selling the essential supplies that let people create indoor gardens or make their own wine and beer.

Richard Quinn is the owner and creator of Fifth Season Gardening. He holds a doctorate in English and began his career as a professor, but soon craved something new. He wanted to get back to basics. “He found a renaissance of do it yourself growing,” Manager Jeremy Bruder said. The first store started in Durham and the business spread from there. Quinn is active in all five stores. “Each store has its own character,” Bruder said. “It’s a strange mix of professional and retail knowledge.”

Any gardener can tell you about the difficulty of growing certain plants in varying climates. Hydroponic gardening allows you to grow your own plants in a controlled indoor environment. Fifth Season Gardening sells LumiGrow, which is an all-purpose LED light that is used from seedling to full flower. What makes this LED light different is its high efficiency. LumiGrow uses less power than a typical greenhouse light. The bulbs only have to be replaced every five to 10 years. Fifth Season Gardening has two types of customers who buy LED lights: experienced indoor growers who are starting over to save money and growers who want to simplify to less equipment. They also sell colored LED lights that reflect red, blue and white colors to set an appropriate ambiance in the room.

The employees at Fifth Season Gardening get into the do it yourself game as well. They have a room with multiple types of plants growing, some of which seem like images from a fiction novel. The room is covered in Mylar, which is a highly reflective material that helps plants to get the light needed to survive. When you walk into the room, the potent aroma of the blooming plants tickle your senses: recently watered leaves reflecting light and the sound of water draining into the roots while a fan’s breeze makes the leaves sway.

Fifth Season sells home-brew kits and once you have your kit you choose from a selection of malted barley, which is a main ingredient in beer. You may also buy ingredient kits that include a recipe. They also sell individual ingredients. “Many experienced brewers buy the individual ingredients,” Bruder said. “They find that, with time, they want to have their own finger prints and style on their beer.” You don’t have to be an experienced beer crafter to brew your own beer. “We help put the training wheels on for new brewers and we also sell exotic ingredients for beer brewing junkies.”

The most popular type of beer they sell are wheat beers. These are the typical Blue Moon and Wild Flower Wit beers people love. Employees at Fifth Season Gardening have even created their own beer. “Sydney Preyer Pale” was named after an employee’s new baby and is a beer that is on tap in the store. Their next-door neighbor, Easy Peasy Decadent Desserts, made a cupcake with Fifth Season’s beer in honor of their 10th anniversary. Vanilla cupcakes were made with Pale and chocolate cupcakes were made with Baltic Porter.

For those of you who take interest in healthy homegrown foods, the grocery store is not your only option. Cheese making equipment is sold at Fifth Season Gardening as well as supplies needed for growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Fifth Season Gardening recently celebrated their tenth anniversary and Bruder could sum up his feelings in one word: blessed. “We have pushed through small rivalries, big competitors, and the internet,” Bruder said. “We have created a community here. People don’t come in just to pay a bill or buy something they need. They come in to grow.”

When you walk into the store, it is evident that the employees feel fulfilled by just being in the environment. “Almost every buyer is interested in their hobby. They come in for advice,” Bruder said. “I actually get paid to share the love for what I do. Imagine working in a store that sells everything you love. That’s what I do everyday.” !



Fifth Season Gardening is located at 1616 Battleground Ave D-3, Greensboro, NC 27408. They are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and are closed Sunday. Learn more on their website at