There’s nothing on the menu at Mercadito #2 that doesn’t have meat in it, which isn’t surprising given that it’s connected to a carneceria. Vegetarians head to the grocery aisles or towards the smells from the panaderia in the back, which are overwhelming.

This gigantic chicken torta, or sandwich, is served with a generous helping of avocado and is unmatched in Greensboro. Pictured here with part of the top off, you can order this cheap and filling meal in English but the order number will be called in Spanish. Recommended with orange soda.

We’ve been hesitant to write about the mercadito — hidden back from the road across from our other favorites Villa del Mar and Banh Mi Saigon — because the chance of getting a table is already a gamble. Lucky for you, I can’t keep secrets about food. If for some reason the chicken torta isn’t enough for you, or maybe if you’re sharing the meal with someone, upgrade to the Cubano for about $2 for a sandwich so overloaded with a variety of meat that Anthony Bourdain might need to come try it.

In case you’re way behind the curve and are still looking for Takis (like some of my friends after watching the unbeatable “Hot Cheetos & Takis” music video), Mercadito #2 carries several options, along with a wellstocked beer fridge, a variety of hot sauces, piñatas, fresh cakes, produce, pork rinds and so much more. There aren’t any burritos here, but Brian Clarey swears by the tacos.