by Brian Clarey


Toshi’s Café, 5710 High Point Road, Greensboro, 336.297.2288

All of us at YES! Weekly are big fans of Toshi Yoshida, who has enlivened the Adams Farm Shopping Center in Greensboro with his fusion of traditional Japanese food and typical American comfort food at his café.

His signature sandwich, Toshi’s Special, applies the core principles of both pad Thai and banh mi: a zestful combination of raw and cooked ingredients. Start with a regular bagel grilled in butter and add a heaping portion of shredded steak — the kind made famous by Philadelphia. Then comes the good part: slivers of raw carrot and cucumber, slices of yellow onion and a few sprigs of cilantro. It all comes together with some kind of sweet mayonnaise that I don’t recognize. While shredded steak and sweet mayonnaise might push the ick quotient to an intolerable threshold for some, the addition of fresh ingredients, particularly cilantro, makes it a winner for me.