by Megan Young

With spring approaching, many of us are thinking of warmer weather and a new wardrobe to accompany it. Amanda Vaughn-Redmon of Winston-Salem has prepared for this seasonal transition by recently releasing her Formation Design spring 2015 collection. Her line is composed of minimalistic designs and patterns while focusing more on asymmetrical silhouettes and layering pieces.

“I am very into solids with interesting textures,” Vaughn-Redmon explained. “I have always liked the open and draped shapes and to create garments that are unique and not terribly complicated – Just a little off beat.”

Her clothing line, Formation Design, was created about three years ago with the intention of bringing her unique aesthetic to life. “I realized I wanted to do some form of design in middle school. I began reconstructing my own clothes and then went to school for graphic design. Shortly after, my teacher questioned why I was in that field as most of my work was fashion related.” Realizing her passion lay elsewhere, she began her journey at Savannah College of Art and Design. “This opened up a plethora of opportunities for me, and I hit the floor running,”she said.

Amanda boasts a very impressive resume having designed for Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People for roughly seven years. She then made the decision to relocate with her husband, Dusty Redmon, and son, Dillinger, back to Winston-Salem from Philadelphia . “We wanted to be closer to family, and moving allowed me to branch off and begin the transition of creating my own line,” said Vaughn-Redmon. For the last two years she has really been focusing on her designs and building a name for herself and her brand.

She draws much of her inspiration from social media, magazines, or simply sketching. “I really love to sketch. I can be inspired without even knowing it and then it will come out on the page. Sometimes, sketching inspires me more than browsing.”

Instagram has also been a huge inspiration and promotional outlet for the designer. It has helped her grow tremendously in a year of using Instagram for business purposes. “I owe a lot to the Instagram community. I have been able to find followers, designers, and new collaborations that are super beneficial,” she said. Followers are given the chance to win giveaways and discover new releases that they might miss if they are only following her through the website.

Exciting events are in the works as she has embarked on new collaborations and is starting her own line.

“It’s the first year I will have my own printed line, which I am very thrilled about. I have always wanted to, however, doing so can be tricky and expensive at times. I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine agree to help make the screen prints.”

She is able to turn these screen prints into garments by using her two studio spaces. One being in the comforts of her home, and another in the new shop space she recently acquired at Centennial Trading Co.

Working with Centennial Trading Co. has been very beneficial for her. The downtown Winston-Salem shop offers an area for workspace and another space for retail.

“It is nice to have a space where I can escape to and get lost in the work I am doing,” Vaughn-Redmon said. Along with Centennial Trading Co. men’s line, Amanda has set up shop to showcase and sell her specialty pieces, new line and remade/re-purposed items.

Vaughn-Redmon said, “My hope is just to build my following in the near future while also freelance designing for other companies. I can’t see myself leaving the area for a while. This is my home base now.” !

WANNA wear it?

Follow @formationdesign on Instagram to enter giveaways and get updates. Visit the shop at 214 N. Broad St., Winston-Salem or her online store at