by Jordan Green

The holiday social calendar is winding down in the art scene. For those who aren’t traveling, it’s a great time to get to cook, host friends and eat good food with your family. I’m personally planning to get acquainted with some cherished books as Christmas approaches and maybe settle in for a couple Netflix movies with my wife.

On the performing arts front, there’s one last gasp: Comedians, musicians, poets, mimes and actors will perform at an open mic at 316 S. Elm St. in Greensboro on Wednesday at 9 p.m.

This space is usually filled with events, but instead let’s catch up on some notable development in the Triad art world.

Winston-Salem State University is investing $200,000 in renovations to Diggs Gallery. The work began in November and is expected to conclude in the spring. Belinda Tate, director of the gallery, said in a prepared statement that the university will add advanced security cameras and improved lighting, allowing the gallery to attract a higher caliber of exhibits.

The Creative Center, a Greensboro facility that houses artists’ studios and a gallery, has found an anonymous donor who has offered to match all charitable contributions during the month of December. For more information, contact the Creative Center at 336.617.3328 or visit

The Downtown Greenway Public Art Selection Panel has selected Harries/Héder Collaborative, based in Cambridge, Mass., to create a publicart installation at the northwest corner of the greenway in Greensboro. Conceived as the “tradition cornerstone,” the public-art installation will be located on the corner of West Smith and Prescott streets. The first cornerstone, a sculpture created by the Brower Hatcher studio in cooperation with artist Frank Russell that celebrates “motion,” is installed at the southwest corner of the greenway at the intersection of Freeman Mill Road and West Lee Street.

The United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro and the Greensboro Partnership are seeking nominations for the O. Henry Award. The award recognizes an individual in the greater Greensboro area that “has made an extraordinary contribution to the cultural development of Greensboro throughout their lifetime.” The deadline for nominations is Jan. 7 at 5 p.m.