by Rob Brezsny

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): At a family planning conference in Beijing, a researcher from Ghana presented testimony about tribal issues that he had in part gleaned through interviews with dead ancestors. He said that spirit mediums had acted as his “translators.” When he was met with skepticism from colleagues, he was defensive. “If I only heard from the living,” he explained, “I wouldn’t get a very good balance.” His perspective would be smart for you to adopt right now, Libra. To make the wisest decisions and take the most righteous action, draw inspiration from what has passed away as much as from what’s alive and in your face.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21):“Behind every face, there are a thousandfaces,” says film director Bryan Singer,who worked on two of the X-Men movies.He deals with professional actors whospecialize in revealing the myriad facesbeneath the surface. But I think his assessmentapplies to lots of people, especiallyyou Scorpios — although it must be saidthat you do have mad skills at hiding allthe action going on beneath your surface.This Halloween, I urge you to make a breakwith tradition and show five or six of thereal you’s lurking below your poker face.Costume suggestion: Be inspired by JosephCampbell’s “hero with a thousand faces.”SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21):The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brownhas a unique way of stimulating hisimagination: He dons his gravity boots andmeditates on complex storylines while he’sinverted. It’s also a good way to overcomewriter’s block. “You think differentlyupside-down,” he says. Do you have anequivalent method for providing gentleshock therapy to your perspective, Sagittarius?This is a good time to use it. If youdon’t already have a creative aid like that,hunt around for one. In the days ahead, itwill come in handy.CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19):When Sheelah Ryan won $55 million in theFlorida lottery, she used the money to createan organization dedicated to helping thedisadvantaged. “I guess I’ve disappointed alot of people,” she told a reporter. “I couldbe traveling all over the world, or have abeautiful mansion on the ocean, or have achauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. But that’snot my style.” She’s your role model forthe coming weeks, Capricorn. When goodfortune comes to you — and I’m almostpositive it will — I recommend that youlook for ways to share it. The ironic factof the matter is that if you’re generous asyou tap in to your gift, there’ll be more ofthe gift.AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18):When I did a performance in Santa Fe afew years ago, a woman in the audiencecame up to me after the show and made asardonic proposal: Would I like to join her12-step program for writers who are overlyfond of vivid adjectives and adverbs? Withall the uppity mock politeness I couldsummon, I told her that I was preposterouslyhappy with my scintillating addictionto brazen language, and didn’t regard it asa raggedy problem that needed invasivecorrecting. Now I’m advising you to be likeme and follow your heart when it tells youto be bigger, bolder and brasher than everbefore. Right now, shiny intensity is yoursacred duty! Halloween costume suggestion:the sun.PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): I hopeyou won’t merely wander around the frontier.I hope you’ll undertake a meticulousyet expansive exploration of that virginterritory. Here are some tips on how toproceed: 1. Formulate specific questionsabout what you’re looking for. 2. Developa hypothesis for the experiments you wantto carry out. 3. Ignore what doesn’t interestyou and pounce onlyon what stirs your fascination. Halloweencostume suggestion: an alien anthropologistvisiting Earth from another planet; atime-traveler from the future who’s doing adocumentary on this historical moment; areligious pilgrim who’s keeping a detailedjournal.ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 19): Youmay be as flooded with briny emotion as aPisces on a meandering binge. You mightbe as embedded in a labyrinth of yourown creation as the Geminis who verge onbeing too clever for their own good. Youmay be as cagey a listener as a Scorpiowho’s searching for a hidden vulnerabilityin an ally. In other words, Aries, you’re notexactly yourself. But it’s one of those raretimes when that’s a good thing. Halloweencostume suggestion: the opposite of whatyou think you are.TAURUS (Apr. 20-May 20): In myideal version of Halloween, we wouldn’tscare ourselves with images of ghoulishskeletons, eyeballs floating in cauldronsand hissing, three-headed snakes. Rather,we’d confront more realistic fears, likethe possibility that the effects we have onthe world are different from our intentions…or that we have not yet reached ourpotential… or that people we like mightcompletely misread and misunderstand us.Then Halloween would serve a more spirituallyuseful purpose. It would bring us faceto face with actual dangers to our psychicintegrity, whereupon we could summonour brilliant courage and exorcize the hellout of them. Costume suggestion: exorcist.(Begin by exorcising yourself.)GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Duringthis phase of your cycle, you’ll generategood fortune if you brainstorm and meditateabout your relationship with work. Iurge you to empty your mind of everythingyou think you know about the subject.Adopt a fresh and innocent perspective.Here are some questions to prime yourinvestigations. 1. What’s the quality of theexperience you want to have as you earna living? 2. What gifts do you wantto give to life as you toil at challengingtasks that are interesting to you?3. What capacities do you want todevelop in yourself while doing yourwork? (PS: For your Halloween costume,why not pretend you’re doingyour dream job?)CANCER (June 21-July22): Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai(1924-2000) witnessed the full rangeof experiences that life on this planethas to offer, from war to love andeverything in between. During an interviewhe gave in Jerusalem in 1994, he said,“I can stand on my balcony and tell mychildren, ‘Over there I was shelled for thefirst time, and over there, to the right, justbeneath those trees, I was kissed for thefirst time.’” I suspect his words will soon bemeaningful for you, Cancerian. It’s likelyyou’ll have a breakthrough or epiphanynear a place where you once suffered disappointment.Halloween costume suggestion:the phoenix.LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): AuthorGary Smalley says that the sexual natureof men is like a microwave oven, whilewomen resemble a crockpot, the devicethat cooks food at low heat for a longtime. Right about now, I’d advise you Leomen to be like crockpots not only in thebedroom but everywhere else, too. To spotthe subtle opportunities that will be available,you’ll have to be gradual, deliberateand thorough. Leisurely foreplay shouldbe your all-purpose metaphor. As for youLeo women: I’m betting there are waysthat you have fallen under the sway of themicrowave meme. If I’m right, it’s time tofully re-embrace the spirit of the crockpot.Halloween costume clues: the tortoise, notthe hare; a 400-page novel, not Twitter; thePyramid of Khufu, not a sandcastle.VIRGO (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22):“The more beautiful the bird, the poorerthe singer,” wrote LM Boyd. “Peacocksscream, macaws screech. Birds of Paradisecroak.” Among the most interesting singers,on the other hand, are birds that are far lessspectacular in appearance: the black-cappedchickadee, the willow thrush and the whitethroatedsparrow. Keep that in mind as younavigate your way through the comingweek’s dilemmas. My personal inclinationis to favor inspiring singing over comelyappearance, but you may have a differentbias. The important thing is to recognizethe nature of the options before you. Halloweencostume suggestion: Incorporatethe themes of plain beauty, secret genius,disguised power and open secrets. !