Fall inspires excellence

by Jim Dowell Jr.

What a busy time it is in Greensboro! Everybody is in full speed ahead mode, and it is nice to see all the activity in so many areas.

We wish the best to Eric and Charlotte Chipman Strom. An intimate wedding Sept. 17 was for close friends and family at their home. Charlotte was radiant, and everyone said that Eric was totally smitten as he should be. Both are artists-in-residence at Lyndon Street Artworks, and Charlotte is the gallery manager for the Center for Visual Art Gallery. Congratulations to both!

I recently attended the opening of Courtney Hemphill’s show at the Marshall Gallery, and it is beautiful. Entitled ‘“City Views’”, it is a study of Greensboro’s Southside area. Approximately 40 pieces are in the show, and you can recognize storefronts and windows from businesses and residences alike. ‘“The View From Here’” is across from Glitters and ‘“Entrance on Elm’” shows the beautiful colors in a stained glass door at 532 Elm St. Courtney is the former programming director for CVA, and is also a member of the Liberty Jaycees. Steven Wicker who loved her use of dark backgrounds and contrasting pastels purchased several pieces of her work that evening. Check it out; you’ll probably see several places that you’ve either passed by or been to.

Also coming up at the Marshall Gallery is Tracey Marshall’s one-woman show, ‘“What’s Next?’” She has 70 new originals, and she will be showing them in the formal showroom. The show runs is Oct. 6-29.

Greensboro’s art community came together this past weekend in a big way with some help for Katrina and Rita victims. Headed by Larice White, a core committee was formed, and then the real work began. Artists all over the city donated over 100 pieces of art. Artmongerz generously donated their space as headquarters, and the Artist’s Care Auction took off.

Lori Key, Frank Russell, Jim Gallucci, Emmett Williams, Addren Doss, and Kathy Tice-Phillips were a few of the artists whose works fetched big dollars for the cause. Papa John’s, Dusty Dunn, WFMY, Oldies 93, and YES! Weekly all pitched in with sponsorship or publicity and helped get the word out. Over $4,300 was raised just by the auction, and all proceeds go directly to the Salvation Army. Hats off to all who were involved in any way with this benefit.

It is good to see that compassion and caring are still bountiful in this city. And speaking of that, there seems to be some sort of stigma attached to Elm Street that is not fair, and I saw it firsthand at the auction. Seemingly, from Lee Street to the train tracks is the ‘bad’ end, and from the tracks forward is the ‘good’ end. Well folks it ain’t so. There are many fine businesses and attractions on the ‘bad’ side. Did you know there is a new theater that shows classics and new movies alike? Did you realize that one of the city’s best restaurants, Undercurrent, is on the ‘bad’ side, not to mention the galleries, antiques stores, a caterer, a piano restoration store and many others? Dispel the rumor ‘— it is safe and nice on either end of the street. We could have raised much more money if more people had ventured down there, and those that were there had a blast, plus got some real deals on some beautiful art. Do yourself and those businesses a favor, and check out the ‘bad’ end of Elm Street.

Oct. 2 saw another great event for the Greensboro art community and the citizens themselves. ‘“Art in the Arboretum’” was held at the arboretum located in Lindley Park. Food vendors, information booths, entertainers and the beauty of the place itself were background for the 50 artists who were in a juried competition. The placements were: 1st place and a $300 prize ‘— Luba Warrack with her stunning fine jewelry; 2nd place and a $200 prize ‘— Pat and Emily Foeller whose pottery and collectibles were exceptional; and 3rd place and a $100 prize went to Martha Williams and her beautiful paintings. She had studied with Denise Landi, and that influence came through loud and clear. Truly a bright future is hers. Mebane Ham, Greensboro Beautiful, and all the volunteers and staff of the arboretum are to be commended for their hours and hours of work and planning. Several thousand people were there and everyone really seemed to enjoy the park and the fellowship. It is gorgeous year round, but I think it was at its peak for this event.

And it’s just the beginning of the month! I look forward to the fall every year because it seems to stimulate and inspire everyone to do their best. Enjoy the weather, and this beautiful time of the year.

I’ll see you in November, if not before.

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