Farewell enjoys crescendo of opportunities

by Heather MacIntyre

Band of the Week: Farewell

Label: Epitaph

Sometimes a band comes along that works hard enough to reach a point where dreams become goals, goals become reality and hard work pays off. Farewell is currently experiencing this part of their career – the crescendo of opportunity. Last year, a dream-made-goal-made-reality position came up as a contract with Epitaph Records ( in LA. The band certaintly had no reason to hesitate. Shortly after, they released a clever and accomplished pop-rock album entitled Isn’t This Supposed To Be Fun?, branding the message the artists have been trying to get across to fans and critics across the nation. Farewell has, hands down, put the fun back into a genre of music that was once questionably on a one-way, ill-fated mainstream formula with thousands of copycats. The music is catchy and captivating, and fortunately possessing vocals that don’t sound like a 15-year-old nasally scenester with a mic stuck halfway down his throat and up his you-know-what.

The balance between pop and rock mixed with high energy and rich recording that they’ve created, are the reasons why they stand the test of time, or at least the “flavor of the week” trends. With all members born and raised in North Carolina, mostly in the Triad, and all currently residing in Greensboro, their fan base has been growing rapidly – showing it was only a matter of time before they busted out of the mid-Atlantic constraints.

How far did they explode? The band just returned from their tour in… Japan? Yes. Farewell joined label buddies the Matches ( for a week-long tour through Tokyo, Osaka and a few other culture-shock cities. One of their favorite tours though, was with friends Forever the Sickest Kids (, and of course they always look forward to playing with our other hometown candy rock kids, Mercy Mercedes ( So, they’ve already got the dream label, an amazing concert series and travel plans present and future. What more would they ask for? Maybe a tour with Fall Out Boy or Green Day? The band’s currently in the brainstorming process for recording an album this winter. At least they have an idea of what they’d like to do differently: “We want to strip things down even more and get back to the basics,” comments lead-singer Marshall Davis. “So many bands now just add layers upon layers of polish to a [fairly weak] song until it’s flashy and bright. Two weeks later you’re bored with the song and on to the next flashy and bright song of the week. We want to try and write a full record of great songs that will outlast this scene, like Green Day did in the ’90s – think Insomniac meets Sugarcult’s Start Static.” Davis also has his own clothing line launching later this summer that he uses to design layouts, albums and merchandise for other bands when he isn’t busy on the road (

It’s no doubt that one of the best attributes is their live show, kids carpool from surrounding states for these guys to watch three-night stands. Buddy, Chris, Wil, Marshall and Kevin really know how to perform up to the hype. The guys are going to be playing a full month on the Warped Tour this summer, but not before a hometown show on June 15 at Greene Street ( with Mercy Mercedes, Secret Lives and 1994. If you haven’t picked up their most recent album, check out a few tracks on their and buy a copy. The ever so loveable bassist Buddy Bell adds, “And look for our video for “1stOOTB” on Fuse!”