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Finance & Fashion. The Tuesday show was originally intended to be the mixtape’s release party, but there’s concern that overlap created by the arrival of new material from Kanye West, TI, Lloyd Banks and Curren$y would create too much saturation in the hip-hop listen- ing market. Instead, he simply chose to drive anticipation skyward with a sound he calls “a little bit of Kanye and Röyksopp.” Word arrived that Camp Lo were running late for their set just as Nx was finishing his — curious in that they were playing in Chapel Hill only 24 hours earlier. New York deejay Terry Urban filled the empty space with mixes recognizable from his Sirius/XM show “Press Play.” The crowd brushed to the sides of the room as a pair of onlookers were inspired into their B-boy stances.

As unseasoned as they were, the sheer spontaneity drew every pair of eyes in the room, which almost seemed a deterrent as Urban gave them Melvin Bliss’ “Synthetic Substitution” on which to perform. To his dismay, both seemed to have called it quits. A quick reprimand — “I give you the greatest break of all time and you don’t step to it?” — got them back for an encore, however. Finally, Camp Lo’s arrival to Greene Street shed a little bit of light on the inexplicable delay.

The moment they stepped out of the van and into the open air, an uncorked bottle of Patron earned them an open-container viola- tion from a pair of cops passing by. DJ SK, who toured with them for more than a year, confirmed that in addition to fighting like a